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City of Santa Fe: Online Application for Film Permit


Fill out the three page online form below. Please be as specific as possible.

After completing the form, you will receive a confirmation email and your Permit Application Number. Please email all supporting documents (i.e. Indemnification Agreement, Certificate of Insurance, Traffic Control Plan, etc.) to and specify project name in email.

We will email you an invoice for your permit fee along with final permit once approved.

Should you have any questions regarding permits, fees, or jurisdictions, please call Jennifer LaBar-Tapia at (505) 986-6293 or email

Permit Application Page 1 of 3: PRODUCTION & CONTACT INFO

Production Title
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Applicant Name
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Local Phone
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Local Address

Location Manager's Name
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Number of Locations

(e.g. Plaza, 132 E. Marcy St, etc.)