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Santa Fe School of Cooking

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Planning a trip to Santa Fe and want to know what to do? Since we're voted one of the best cities for weather, we have events happening all year.

Select the dates of your trip on the right or search the categories for cultural events, craft fairs, music festivals, fiestas, art exhibits, theater performances and more.

Please be advised all events, performances, venues, dates and times are subject to change. Persons wishing to verify the details of an event should contact the organizer.

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There are 60 events for August 2017
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Sat., August 19, 2017

Aug 19 - Sep 3, 2017
Tue 9am-12:30pm
Wed 10:30am-2:30pm
Thu 10:30am-2pm
Fri 4-7pm
Sat 9am-1pm
Sun 11am-5pm

Local Coloring

Event Type: Family Activities, Art Shows

This exhibition includes dozens of drawings created to illustrate five short stories written for this project. We'll also have published a coloring book with the stories and a large selection of the drawings received.
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Aug 19, 2017 - Jan 1, 2018
Daily 9am-4:30pm

3 Elements Journey to Origin (Ojo Caliente), Hiking, Yoga, Ayurvedic Lunch & Meditation in Ra Paulet

Location: 505-819-8445
Event Type: Family Activities, Outdoor Adventure, Historical Tours

Join us in a celebration of 3 elements of a healthy life: Hiking, Yoga & Meditation. Hike sacred lands, followed by yoga in state of the art yurt, seasoned with an ayurvedic lunch, ending with Meditation in hand carved Ra Paulette limestone art cave
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Aug 19, 2017


Location: 505-988-3394
Event Type: Family Activities, Workshops & Classes, Food Wine & Spirits

Pull up to the window and

order Korean Pork Tacos, Sweet Crab Rolls, Buffalo Sliders,

French Canadian Poutine, Mexican Gorditas, Shrimp Po-Boys

with Jalapeno Mayo, Truffle Fries, Gourmet Ice Cream

Sandwiches and more.
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Aug 19 - Aug 19, 2017

We Are The Seeds

Location: 9173865036
Event Type: Family Activities, Art Shows, Markets & Festivals

The 3-day event will feature juried high quality contemporary and traditional indigenous art and a festive celebration that includes music, dance, fashion, and culinary art. The event will host

approximately 100 indigenous artists.
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Aug 19 - Aug 20, 2017
Sat 10am-10pm
Sun 10am-8pm

Summer In The Multiverseǃ

Location: (505) 395-6369
Event Type: Family Activities, Performing, Art Shows

Helloǃ Summer in The Multiverse is a season-long vacation where you'll see unique & thrilling action every single day, all day long: Live Acrobats, Aerialists, Musicians, Magic + more in one of the world's most talked-about new art spacesǃ Be Thereǃ
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Sun., August 20, 2017

Mon., August 21, 2017

Tue., August 22, 2017

Wed., August 23, 2017

Thu., August 24, 2017

Fri., August 25, 2017

Sat., August 26, 2017

Sun., August 27, 2017

Mon., August 28, 2017

Tue., August 29, 2017

Wed., August 30, 2017

Thu., August 31, 2017


Sat., August 5, 2017

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