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Please fill out the form below to grant TOURISM Santa Fe the authorization to use and publish the provided photos. All fields are mandatory.

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Please upload your high-resolution images to the TOURISM Santa Fe Public Image Uploader.

Terms and Conditions

I am an employee/owner of the company listed above and the owner of the photo(s) specified and described above.

I hereby authorize the City of Santa Fe, TOURISM Santa Fe (hereafter referred to as “TSF”) to use and publish the above photo(s).

Permission is granted for a time period in perpetuity beginning on

I attest that I have full authorization to consent to the use and publication of the above-described photo(s).

TSF is authorized to use the photo(s) for marketing purposes which may include social media, website, advertising, blogs, visitor guide, editorial, print displays and proposals.

TSF may resize the image and may make minimal adjustments. In order for TSF to best utilize your photos, submit hi-res images (min. 300 dpi) as a TIFF (preferable) or JPG file.

Notwithstanding the permission granted to TSF, I retain ownership and copyright of the photo(s).

I acknowledge that that I will not receive financial compensation of any type associated with the use and publication of the photo(s).

I hereby release TSF, its contractors, and its employees from liability for any claims in connection with my authorization herein and the publication and use of the specified photo(s) by TSF.

Please type /s/ in the field below followed by your full name to sign this document electronically and indicate your approval of the terms above.

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