Explore All The Ways Kids Stay and Play Free in Santa Fe This Spring Break

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It’s never too early to start thinking about your family’s 2017 Spring Break getaway, especially with all the free things Santa Fe has to offer kids!  Santa Fe businesses have joined forces again for Kids FreeFest Spring Break 2017 , the 2nd Annual city-wide initiative that welcomes families throughout March and the middle of April by providing kids 12 and under with complimentary lodging, meals, spa and culturally immersive activities in The City Different. Experience a different kind of Spring Break this year in one of the world’s most award-winning destinations for families seeking adventure, relaxation, and genuine culture and experiences.

Santa Fe’s Kids FreeFestSpring Break 2017 includes a variety of lodging offers, treasure hunts, spa treatments, and sport and outdoor adventure. There’s also free art classes, museum exhibits, Flamenco classes, an Easter egg hunt—and of course some very delicious meals and including our famous Northern New Mexico cuisine. Here are few Kids FreeFest Spring Break 2017 suggestions for your family to consider.

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Eight Reasons To Spend NYE In Santa Fe

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Say “Prospero Ano Nuevo” the Santa Fe way and your 2017 is guaranteed to be a truly Happy New Year! To quote a well-known Ella Fitzgerald holiday tune, “What are you doing New Year’s Eve?”. From world-class musical performances, to ‘Galactic Jungles’ or artful illuminations, there’s something for everyone! Here are just a few that we know you will enjoy.


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There’s No Room For Gloom This September

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Who is this “Zozobra” we have been speaking of so much lately? Pre-dating Nevada’s Burning Man by decades, Zozobra, also known as Old Man Gloom, is Santa Fe’s prescription for recovering from the year’s worries and glooms. This 50-foot-tall puppet is stuffed with bits of paper bearing all manner of gloomy thoughts, trials and tribulations that goes up in smoke on Friday, September 2 at Fort Marcy Park in The City Different.

Kick off your Labor Day weekend with an experience like none other and take part in one of one of the liveliest, longest-standing events around—The Burning of Zozobra!

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Join the Party! Celebrate Anniversaries In Santa Fe!

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Each passing year brings with it new reasons to celebrate in Santa Fe and 2016 has been no different — with newly founded art collective Meow Wolf's The House of Eternal Return and the newly launched Santa Fe Margarita Trail  Santa Fe, known as ‘The City Different’ for over a century, presents visitors with a range of special anniversaries this year. Here are but just a few celebrations to enjoy!

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Santa Fe’s Top Biking Events In May

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Did you know Santa Fe is a biking paradise?  The surrounding mountains, foothills and public lands hold an endless variety of trail options with terrain for every skill level. This makes Santa Fe a perfect stepping-off point for any cycling adventure. There’s something about riding a bike in Santa Fe that turns any activity into an adventure. Whether exploring art districts, travelling along the new Margarita Trail, joining locals riding their bikes during Bike To Work week, or just lazing on the grass and soaking up some Santa Fe sunlight–– anytime you add a bicycle to the mix it heightens the fun factor. On your next visit to The City Different, join us as we pedal along the trails, paths, and streets of Santa Fe. Your spirits will be riding high with these must-do biking events during National Bike Month.

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Santa Fe Passion For All Things Flamenco

With Santa Fe’s 400 year Spanish history, The City Different is a bona fide flamenco town. Flamenco celebrates the culture and passion of Spain. Flamenco is Spanish folk music that is accompanied by singing and dancing. It began in Spain’s southern coastal region of Andalusia and developed over centuries, taking its current form in the 18th century. Fast forward to The City Different….

Santa Fe is known to showcase some of the best flamenco talent in the world. A big nod goes to Maria Benitez, Vicente Romero and Jose Greco­­––a few of the early U.S. flamenco pioneers who made their home in Santa Fe. The spirit and passion of flamenco still burns hot today. Here are few suggestions to make your flamenco experience in Santa Fe a memorable one!

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8 Accolades To Put Santa Fe At The Top Of Your Travel List

Santa Fe is one of the world’s top award-winning and most beloved destinations. “The City Different” is four centuries of history and legend, ancient and modern cultures, a majestic outdoor world of recreation and adventure, vibrant visual and performing arts, expansive culinary delights, revitalizing spas, and uniquely tasteful shopping.

This year the city has achieved high distinctions in all these categories by some of the most credible and competitive venues in the world. A complete list of awards and accolades runs almost two pages single spaced. Here are some highlights: Read More

¡Que Viva Los Vestidos De La Fiesta!

Viva La Fiesta” is the chant one hears over and over during the Santa Fe Fiesta, but I suggest shouting “¡Que Viva Los Vestidos de la Fiesta”! (Long live those who dress up for Fiesta!). Locals who attended annual fiesta celebrations of the past put much thought and detail into their fiesta attire—and there are still some who dress traditionally—but many of today’s fiesta-goers interpret fiesta wear in new and interesting ways. Santa Fe is a blend of many cultures and one can find fiesta inspiration from the Anglo, Hispanic and Native American customs and traditions that transform The City Different into a melting pot of fiesta fashion.

Read on to learn about the fiesta fashion of the past and present and get inspired to put together your own Santa Fe Fiesta look! Read More