Santa Fe Spa Getaways for the New Year

The New Year naturally encourages all of us to recommit to a healthy start. People have traveled to the Santa Fe area for centuries for wellness and new beginnings. Now is your opportunity to check out Santa Fe’s truly rejuvenating spa treatments. Here are a handful of special packages that are good for you, good for your wallet and will send you into blissful relaxation.

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11 Moments You’ll Always Remember from a Summer Trip to Santa Fe

Note: Santa Fe is filled with moments sure to take root in your memory around each and every corner. Local author Zoe Baillargeon shared her “11 Moments You’ll Always Remember from a Summer Trip to Santa Fe” with Matador Network. 

Santa Fe fully earns its nickname of The City Different — there’s really nowhere else like it, whether you’re talking about the world-class art, the cuisine, or simply the one-of-a-kind architecture that sets the city apart. There’s more to explore here than you could possibly fit into a single trip. But if you’re on the hunt for a summer vacation that will create memories you’ll never forget, this is the place. Here are 11 moments waiting for you in Santa Fe.

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The Ideal Itinerary for a Weekend Getaway in Santa Fe New Mexico

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Note: In September 2017, we invited several bloggers to experience Santa Fe for the first time.  This week we are sharing a blog post from that trip, written by Ashley of  Surf and Sunshine. We hope Ashley’s blog gives you new ideas for your next Santa Fe weekend getaway itinerary.

Before touching down I can tell you I knew all of two things about Santa Fe: it was in New Mexico and I would definitely be eating tamales at some point during my 3 day Santa Fe weekend itinerary. I slowly opened the shade and blinked blindly into the full New Mexico sun. I waited for my eyes to adjust first taking in miles of flat red landscape against the Sandia Mountains jutting from the earth. I had 72 hours in New Mexico and we were about to hit the ground running.

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