5 November Events You Won’t Want to Miss

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November is coming and with it begins the wonders and glory of the holiday season. Relax, take a deep breath and think about where you’d like to travel to make the most of the coming season. Did you think Santa Fe? Great! We are here to share the beauty of our holiday traditions and the many rewarding experiences one can find by visiting The City Different this month. Here are but just a few of the events November has lined up for YOU.

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Make This Your Santa Fe November To Remember: Upcoming Events

November always brings an opportunity to take a deep breath and appreciate the wonders of the season. Here in Santa Fe, we are grateful for the beauty of the mountains and the many diverse experiences that are available. From celebrating sustainability to the kick off of the holiday season, Santa Fe is filled with fun.  So join me in discovering a few of Santa Fe’s best November events.

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