The Fine Art of High Fashion at Santa Fe Indian Market

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Every year in August, thousands of visitors arrive in Santa Fe for the annual Santa Fe Indian Market, produced by the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA), the largest juried Indian arts market in the world.  Santa Fe hotels fill up to capacity and the small city begins to buzz with Native American arts and cultural events, that include film, fashion, live music and performing arts. This year the Santa Fe Indian Market will be held on August 18-19, 2018.
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Native Treasures Kicks Off Santa Fe’s Prestigious Art Market Season

Santa Fe is known for our robust offering of some of the best and longest-standing seasonal arts markets that draw thousands of visitors to Santa Fe every year.  The highly anticipated annual Native Treasures Art Market is a favorite among Native American art collectors and enthusiasts every spring.  This year, Native Treasures takes place on Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-27, 2018 in the indoor setting of the Santa Fe Community Convention Center.

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Celebrating Culture and Community on Santa Fe Indigenous Peoples Day

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New Mexico is renowned for its many seasonal celebrations of arts and culture throughout the state, many of which are centered on the beautiful and diverse multi-cultural landscape.  As the state capitol and a hub for events, markets and festivals, the City of Santa Fe draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, many of whom are seeking to experience the living Native American culture and traditions that thrive in the area.

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Santa Fe Indian Market — A Gem of the Southwest

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There are few things in Santa Fe more exciting than the Santa Fe Indian Market, which occurs the third week in August annually.  It is the largest Native American fine art show in the world, and attracts thousands of visitors and art enthusiasts to Santa Fe, easily doubling the population of our city for the duration.  When you arrive in town, you can literally feel the “Indian Market buzz!”

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Discovering Native American Culture in Santa Fe’s Museums

 When arriving in Santa Fe, visitors who wish to experience Native American culture often ask, where do I begin? The exploration of greater Santa Fe’s rich cultural landscape and history might at first seem like an overwhelming endeavor, with such a wide range of exemplary choices, but that’s the good news!  As the third largest art market in the country, Santa Fe is chock-full of fine art galleries, shops, and cultural institutions that offer magnificent displays of the region’s art and culture and endless opportunities for learning and discovery.

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Feast for the Senses

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New Mexico’s timeless Pueblo culture is felt throughout Santa Fe and is reflected in the art, design, and architecture of the city. However, a visit to one of the Indian Pueblos in the region can also be a transformative experience, especially on the occasion of a “Feast Day,” where the culture is celebrated and the public is welcome to watch and partake in an authentic and enriching Native American experience.

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¡Que Viva Los Vestidos De La Fiesta!

Viva La Fiesta” is the chant one hears over and over during the Santa Fe Fiesta, but I suggest shouting “¡Que Viva Los Vestidos de la Fiesta”! (Long live those who dress up for Fiesta!). Locals who attended annual fiesta celebrations of the past put much thought and detail into their fiesta attire—and there are still some who dress traditionally—but many of today’s fiesta-goers interpret fiesta wear in new and interesting ways. Santa Fe is a blend of many cultures and one can find fiesta inspiration from the Anglo, Hispanic and Native American customs and traditions that transform The City Different into a melting pot of fiesta fashion.

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