Explore the Cultural Legacy of Chimayó

The allure of a spiritual journey brings the quiet streets of El Potrero to life each Holy Week. Centuries of tradition guide the footsteps and nurture the spirit of pilgrims who trek to the Santuario de Chimayó every year. The sacred journey has a way of tuning you in to the most important things in life.

The streets of the community of El Potrero, located near Chimayó, fill every Holy Week with the footsteps of the faithful making their journey to the Santuario de Chimayó.  Drawing as many as 40,000 pilgrims every year, the journey to the Santuario is one of the most important pilgrimages in the world. The Santuario itself is modest yet elegant, as are the people who have made their spiritual journey to it for centuries. The little church is famed around the world for the healing power of the dirt found beneath the chapel.

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Enjoy the Holiday Season in the Heart of Santa Fe County

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At the core of its being, Santa Fe County is a place of history, culture and ritual. During the holiday season it feels even more like the urgency of modern life quietly fades. A still, reverent ambience settles over Northern New Mexico as Christmas nears, intensifying the unique sights and scents of a culture preserved through centuries. Perhaps there’s no better sign of the holidays drawing close as the smoke of piñon wood rising from the adobe homes and dancing in the clear night sky. It wouldn’t be Christmas in Santa Fe County without chile, whose colors are, quite fittingly, red and green.

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