Getting To And Around Santa Fe

No matter how you get to Santa Fe—plane train or automobile—you’ll have no trouble zipping around the historic streets of the City Different.

Santa Fe offers ways to get around the city easily with:  a public transportation system, charter vans, bikes and limousine services. It’s also good to know that rental cars can also be picked up at several locations in Santa Fe.

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Santa Fe’s Top Biking Events In May

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Did you know Santa Fe is a biking paradise?  The surrounding mountains, foothills and public lands hold an endless variety of trail options with terrain for every skill level. This makes Santa Fe a perfect stepping-off point for any cycling adventure. There’s something about riding a bike in Santa Fe that turns any activity into an adventure. Whether exploring art districts, travelling along the new Margarita Trail, joining locals riding their bikes during Bike To Work week, or just lazing on the grass and soaking up some Santa Fe sunlight–– anytime you add a bicycle to the mix it heightens the fun factor. On your next visit to The City Different, join us as we pedal along the trails, paths, and streets of Santa Fe. Your spirits will be riding high with these must-do biking events during National Bike Month.

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