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TOURISM Santa Fe November 2020
Marketing Report
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A Message from Executive Director
Randy Randall

Randy Randall, Executive Director

I have been a bit critical of the balance between the health and economic welfare decisions being made at the state level and their impact on our tourism industry in Santa Fe. I certainly have not meant to suggest in any way that the health of our citizens should not be paramount. However, with our city visitation primarily based on destination travel vs. roadside overnights, our hotels, restaurants, galleries and other retail dependent on tourism have been decimated by the lack of visitation while the state takes the necessary steps to combat the spread of Covid 19.

I am excited to hear and very appreciative that the Governor has recommended a $25 million economic stimulus package for New Mexico’s tourism industry to help reignite commerce through expanded marketing efforts, thus shortening the estimated recovery timeline once we get the current health crisis under control and behind us as a state. This special appropriation will be considered in the next legislative session and I am convinced this is exactly what will be needed. As an industry we must be most appreciative for this aggressive action and get behind it to do whatever possible to ensure our legislators know how important it is to our survival. It demonstrates a strong understanding on the part of the administration for the support that will be required to ensuring our industry makes as rapid a recovery as is possible.

This is an all hands on deck situation. If you know a legislator, or know someone who knows a legislator, now is the time to make known your support for this appropriation. Waiting until the session will be too late. Please act now in any way possible to ensure a tourism restart is properly funded.

Randy Randall
Executive Director
(505) 955-6209

[Last Call] Advertise in the 2021 Santa Fe Visitors Guide

[Submit Today] Fall and Winter Virtual Experiences

[Join For Free] Santa Fe Retail Bingo

[Last Call] Advertise in the 2021 Santa Fe Visitors Guide

It is not too late to secure your spot in the 2021 Santa Fe Visitors Guideǃ The annual  Santa Fe Visitors Guide , in addition to our constantly evolving web site, , is paramount in reaching future guests. Guides are distributed to individual leisure guests, future group guests, Santa Fe businesses, and locations throughout the US where travelers are looking for inspiration for their next trip. It is also the primary response piece used for inquiries to both the city and county for information on Santa Fe. We still have a limited number of advertising opportunities available. For more information, please download the  Media Kit  and the  Advertising Agreement  form for review. Keep in mind that we have an extensive  photo library  available to you for any needs you might have in designing and placing your advertisement. 

SPACE DEADLINE (EXTENDED) : November 13, 2020

If you have any questions, would like to discuss further, or would like additional information, please reach out at your convenience: , and one of our sales staff will get back to you.

[Submit Today] Fall and Winter Virtual Experiences

In April, TOURISM Santa Fe launched the Santa Fe Virtual Experience page with 40 experiences. Since the launch, we have featured more than 250 interactive and immersive experiences representative of Santa Fe. Our hope is that this page offers inspiration for potential visitors who are starting to think about future travel plans.

Aimed at keeping Santa Fe top of mind for travelers, this page provides a variety of experiences to be enjoyed from one’s own home and includes online cooking classes, virtual walkthroughs of Santa Fe’s many museums, gallery tours, and even flamenco lessons. Also featured are various activities pertaining to wellness, history, culture, and art. Visit the  Santa Fe Virtual Experience page to see if your experience is being featured.

We want to know more about the virtual experiences you are offering this fall and winterǃ For consideration to be included on this page, please supply the following information to .

Information Requested:
  1. Business Name:
  2. Business Logo:
  3. Name of Experience:
  4. Is this a live event (Y/N)? If so, date and time?
  5. Website URL (that contains information on your Virtual Experience):
  6. Short Description of Experience:
Your virtual experience should adhere to some, if not all, of the following criteria:
  • Business has created a landing page on your website that highlights various virtual experiences that can be enjoyed at home, any time. The page should include messaging about “virtual experience,” “online exhibition”, “live demonstration,” etc. Be sure to include any videos highlighting your business on this page.
  • Business has converted an existing offering into a live experience that can be joined via Zoom, Facebook Live or other web-based conferencing platform.
  • Virtual Tours created through Google VR, Art Steps or other 360-degree or 3D video technology.

[Join For Free] Santa Fe Retail Bingo

BINGOǃ The new retail bingo program can help drive traffic to your business, for free. We invite all small local businesses to participate at no cost. The bingo game cards are free for players to pick up and once Bingo has been earned, players can turn in their cards for a chance to win up to a $200 prepaid gift cardǃ

If your business participates in Santa Fe Retail Bingo you could have the chance to win free advertising from our sponsors, The Santa Fe New Mexican and Hutton Broadcasting. Each will be giving away advertising space to participating businesses of Santa Fe Retail Bingo.

To sign up as a participating business, visit and look for the ‘Add Your Business’ link. Each business will need to pick up a stamp and storefront poster in order to be a valid business on the participating list. Once you have the supplies needed, your business will go ‘live’ on the list of participating retail locations.

Click here to learn more about the program and sign up todayǃ

Santa Fe Margarita Trail

Q3 2020 Marketing Results

Santa Fe Margarita Trail

Get back on the Margarita Trail today and earn prizes, get discounts on your margarita and learn the recipes to all the delicious margaritasǃ

Downloading the app is easy and just takes a second. Paper passports can still be picked up at our downtown Plaza Visitor Center or at most participating restaurants. If your business wants to make a little extra money by selling Margarita Trail Passports, contact Ryan Dodge at 505-955-6232 or email him at . Paper Passports are purchased for only $2 each and are sold for $3 to locals and visitors at your location. Learn more at

Latest Margarita Trail Stats:
  • Over 18,000 visitor and locals are enjoying the Santa Fe Margarita Trail.
  • 4,320 people have earned an official T-Shirt by collecting five stamps on the Trail.
  • Nearly 200 members of the new Margarita Society who have earned 10 or 15 stamps.
  • 260 margarita lovers have earned a free autographed copy of The Great Margarita Book by Al Lucero by earning 20 stamps.
  • 163 people have completed over 30 stops on the Trail, which earned them a custom Margarita Trail Bartender Kitǃ
Please stay healthy and safe and remember to always drink responsibly. We’ll see you on the Margarita Trailǃ

Q3 2020 Marketing Results

A summary of Q3 2020 Marketing Results is below.  Click here  to view the full report.

Website [Q3 Y/Y Change]
  • Total Sessions: 220,481 [DOWN 37.8% Y/Y]
  • Unique Users: 177,466 [DOWN 35% Y/Y]
  • Average Pages Per Session: 3.18† [DOWN 15.2%]
  • Average Time on Site: 4:56† [DOWN 13.3%]
  • Overall Conversion Rate: 8.38% [DOWN 17.2%]
Overall, Q3 traffic to the website was down over a third from last year. Engagement metrics were up slightly as pandemic travel, social, and retail restrictions continued. Y/Y, new sessions were up 5%, and with the bounces removed, both session length and pages per session were up from Q2. Mobile traffic fell 19% from Q2’s high, and traffic from every state declined Y/Y with the exception of Arkansas which remained flat.

†Bounces have been removed from pages/session and time on site to deliver a more accurate picture of visitor activity in the top site KPIs.

Public Relations [Q3 Y/Y Change]
  • Earned Media: $4.7M [UP 32.3%]
  • Earned Media Impressions: 237.5M [DOWN 39.4%]
Despite the pandemic, in Q3 we began to see earned media close to that from 2019, which can be tied into placing in more targeted publications and ones with larger reaches, which in turn have a higher media value. A large portion of coverage came as a result of Travel + Leisure naming Santa Fe the #3 Domestic City in the annual ‘World’s Best Awards.’ The accolade was promoted locally and in-state by TSF and on a national level by Travel + Leisure.

In August we calculated a number of placements that went live earlier in the year that had not yet been calculated, that came as a result of hosting the IFWTWA conference in Santa Fe last November. While there were a large number of placements, the total reach made up less than one percent of total impressions for the month, since they were in smaller niche outlets.

With the quarantine restrictions in place, our time was spent crafting timely proactive pitches that focused more on inspirational travel than a call to action of ‘visit now.’

Social Media [Q3 Y/Y Change)
  • Facebook Followers: 77,403 [UP 7.5% Y/Y]
  • Facebook Engagement: 104,628 [DOWN 34.8% Y/Y]
  • Twitter Followers: 15,510 [UP 5.1 Y/Y%]
  • Twitter Engagement: 3,254 [DOWN 31.2% Y/Y]
  • Twitter Impressions: 226,200 [DOWN 15.4% Y/Y]
  • Instagram Followers: 37,410 [UP 31.3% Y/Y]
  • Pinterest Impressions: 127,850† [N/A]
  • YouTube Subscribers: 721 [UP 24.3% Y/Y]
The third quarter of the 2020 calendar year saw a number of challenges resulting from the continued shutdown of the New Mexico tourism industry. Highlights included increased traffic to, and strong continued growth on Instagram. YouTube video views tumbled as a paid promotion was paused. Facebook engagement dropped 34.8% Y/Y. Twitter followers and impressions were up (5.1%) while impressions and engagement both saw significant drops.

†Pinterest began reporting Impression in late-2019. As a result, Y/Y data is not yet available.

Blog [Q3 Y/Y Change]
  • Page Views: 14,447 [DOWN 22.1% Y/Y]
  • Average Time on Blog: 2:45 [DOWN 14.5% Y/Y]
  • Referrals to Website Percentage: 13.6% [UP 21% Y/Y]
Blog traffic is down 22.1% Y/Y. Time on site has decreased by 14.5%.Hiking content was the most visited on site, with the /hiking-trails blog the most visited of the quarter.

Email Newsletter [Q3 Y/Y change]
  • Consumer: Happenings
    • Due to COVID-19’s impact on travel, Consumer emails have been paused.
  • Consumer: Deals & Specials
    • Due to COVID-19’s impact on travel, Consumer emails have been paused.
  • Industry: Marketing Report
    • Number Sent: 3,517 [UP 1.3% Y/Y]
    • Marketing Report Open Rate (Average): 39.3% [UP 12.2% Y/Y]
All regular consumer newsletters and the sales report were paused during Q3. As a result, newsletters only drove 3.8% of campaign traffic and 0.05% of total site traffic, a large drop from last year.

The sales report and consumer newsletters were taken in house by TOURISM Santa Fe starting in Q3 2020.

Paid Media/Advertising [Q3 Y/Y Change]
  • Ad Spend: $102,000 [DOWN 38.7% Y/Y]
  • Ad Impressions: 13.2M [DOWN 18.4% Y/Y]
  • Overall, our Google SEM campaigns were more efficient at driving clicks and conversions in Q3 versus Q2, meaning our advertising dollars went further.
  • Bing SEM has become more efficient at driving conversions quarter/quarter and continues to hit a qualified audience with impressive on-site engagement.
  • In Facebook, we saw that our top-of-the-funnel awareness tactics performed well for the New Mexico market, which we had not advertised in prior.
  • Moving down the funnel, we are seeing that our “Think” CTS campaign isn’t performing as well as it had in markets that we’d already been driving awareness in, showcasing the opportunity to continue driving awareness in this market and move users down the funnel.
  • The Trade Desk display clickthrough rate increased by 112% and showed improved website interaction with the implementation of the In-State Campaign.
  • Texas Monthly, Matador and 5280 relaunched in July but were paused shortly after due to the State's travel restrictions.
  • The GDN remarketing campaign did not resonate as well with New Mexicans as out-of-staters.
  • YouTube campaigns did not run in Q3 for the in-state campaign.
  • The groups and meetings pages saw lower traffic but more highly-engaged visitors in Q3.
  • There was increased search demand from within New Mexico.
Q3 2020 Print Placements included the following publications:
  • New Mexico Magazine
  • TX Monthly
Q3 2020 Digital Placements included the following publications:
  • New Mexico Magazine E-News
  • New Mexico Magazine Sponsored Facebook Post
  • Phoenix Magazine Sponsored Content

SANTAFE.ORG How It's Performing screenshot

October 2020 Performance Metrics

  • Total Sessions 72,473 (46.7% decrease Y/Y)
  • Unique Users 59,082 (46.0% decrease Y/Y)
  • Pages per Session 3.22† (157.8% increase Y/Y)
  • Average Time on Site 5:06† (257.0% increase Y/Y)
  • Conversion Rate 8.25% (0.4% increase Y/Y)

Visitor Gender
  • 57.7% Female (7.9% decrease Y/Y)
  • 42.3% Male (12.0% increase Y/Y)

Visitor Age
  • 8.0% 18 - 24 (70.4% increase Y/Y)
  • 22.1% 25 - 34 (8.8% increase Y/Y)
  • 14.8% 35 - 44 (12.6% decrease Y/Y)
  • 16.4% 45 - 54 (3.0% decrease Y/Y)
  • 20.4% 55 - 64 (8.1% decrease Y/Y)
  • 18.3% 65+ (3.4% decrease Y/Y)


  • TOURISM Santa Fe Marketing Report
    • Sent: 09/10/2020
    • Number sent: 1,122
    • Number opened: 368
    • Open rate: 32.8%††
†Bounces have been removed from pages/session and time on site to deliver a more accurate picture of visitor activity in the top site KPIs.

✝†Open rate is only counted for users who have images enabled in their email or if a user clicks on a link.

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October continued a strong rebound across most channels. Facebook PTAT and engagement once again saw strong gains, up 53.4% and 23.8% M/M respectively, primarily as a result of strong UGC performance. Instagram saw a banner month, recording the strongest follower growth as well as the most liked post. Twitter KPI’s did not reach September’s high bar with reach and engagement both down (38.2% and 25.6% M/M). Pinterest organic impressions dropped 1.8% M/M. YouTube Subscribers are up .69% M/M, while video views saw a 25.8% increase M/M.

Don't Forget to add #SantaFeNM or #TheCityDifferent to your postsǃ

YouTube: Blog:

Join us on Facebook Facebook
Facebook screenshot

October 2020 Performance Metrics
  • Total Page Followers: 77,871 (.6% increase M/M)
  • People Talking About This (PTAT): 21,618 (53.4% increase M/M)
  • Engagement: 39,353 (23.8% increase M/M)
  • Top Ranking Post: “On Indigenous Peoples Day, we reserve the day to honor and uphold our valued Native American neighbors and all of the wonderful Native American arts, culture and educational institutions that give Santa Fe such a strong sense of place and make it one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. #TheCityDifferent”
    • Reactions: 6,098
    • Comments: 150
    • Reach: 82,509

Join us on Twitter Twitter
Twitter screenshot

October 2020 Performance Metrics
  • Followers: 15,588 (.50% increase M/M)
  • Monthly Impressions: 126,800 (38.2% decrease M/M)
  • Engagement: 1,457 (25.6% decrease M/M)
  • Top Ranking Post: “Name a better combo than Santa Fe and snow. #TheCityDifferent | Video: Altitude FX”
    • Impressions: 4,958
    • Retweets: 24
    • Total engagements: 439

Join us on Instagram Instagram
Instagram screenshot

October 2020 Performance Metrics
  • Followers: 38,788 (3.7% increase M/M)
  • Top Performing Post: “This kind of enchantment can only be found in one place. #TheCityDifferent | Photo: @airscloudsantafe”
    • Likes: 4,914

Join us on Pinterest Pinterest
October 2020 Performance Metrics
  • Organic Impressions: 38,020 (1.8% decrease M/M)

Read the Santa Fe blog Santa Fe Blog
October 2020 Performance Metrics
  • Total Blog Views: 8,192 (18.8% decrease M/M)
  • Average Time on Blog: 3:03 minutes (7.0% increase M/M)

October Blog Posts

Santa Fe Ghost Stories to Scare You
  • Updated October 20, 2020
  • Views: 105

Top 5 Viewed Blog Posts in October

Hiking Trails You Can Access From Santa Fe
  • Posted October 31, 2019
  • Views: 721
11 Surprising Facts about Santa Fe, NM
  • Posted February 13, 2020
  • Views: 533
A Day Trip to Chimayo from Santa Fe
  • Posted September 1, 2015
  • Views: 490
4 Don’t Miss Trails in Santa Fe County
  • Posted March 19, 2019
  • Views: 457
Welcome Back - 25 Things to do in Santa Fe This Summer
  • Posted June 10, 2020
  • Views: 273

Watch us on Youtbue YouTube
October 2020 Performance Metrics
  • Subscribers: 721 (.69% increase M/M)
  • Views: 158,400 (6109% increase M/M)






Google Display Network & Discovery Ads
Target Markets: New Mexico
Flight Dates: 10/1/20 - 10/31/20
Impressions: 113,084
Media Spend: $793.90

The Trade Desk New Mexico In-State
Standard Display & Remarketing
Target Market: New Mexico
Flight Dates: 10/1/20-10/31/20
Impressions: 1,150,116
Media Spend: $4,000

YouTube TrueView
Target Market: New Mexico
Flight Dates: 10/1/20-10/31/20
Impressions: 266,576
Media Spend: $2,165.91
Link to Video:

Facebook & Instagram

Image Ads
Target Markets: New Mexico
Flight Dates: 10/1/20 - 10/31/20
Impressions: 252,280
Media Spend: $1,612.23

Video Ads
Target Markets: New Mexico
Flight Dates: 10/1/20 - 10/31/20
Impressions: 186,798
Media Spend: $1,616.98

Image Ads
Target Markets: New Mexico
Flight Dates: 10/1/20 - 10/31/20
Impressions: 125,634
Media Spend: $829.18

Video Ads
Target Markets: New Mexico
Flight Dates: 10/1/20 - 10/31/20
Impressions: 55,091
Media Spend: $829.99


Google Search
Target Markets: National
Flight Dates: 10/1/20 - 10/31/20
Impressions: 99,639
Media Spend: $3,351.99

Bing Search
Target Markets: National
Flight Dates: 10/1/20 - 10/31/20
Impressions: 10,983
Media Spend: $792.04


Target Markets: National
Flight Dates: 10/1/20 - 10/31/20
Impressions: 136,103
Media Spend: $1,314

Mountain Meetings
Target Markets: California, Colorado, Illinois, Mountain, Northeast, Texas
Flight Dates: 10/1/20 - 10/31/20
Impressions: 165,134
Media Spend: $1,200

Google Search
Target Markets: National
Flight Dates: 10/1/20 - 10/31/20
Impressions: 1,849
Media Spend: $73.76

During the month of October 2020, earned media and media impressions were lower when compared to October 2019. Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards are traditionally released online in October and the news is syndicated on a national level from the outlet and within the regions of winning cities. Santa Fe was named the number two, “Small City in the United States,” and number eight, “City in the World.” The overall national reach was down as compared to last year and locally only the Santa Fe New Mexican covered the news. It’s worth noting that last year Santa Fe was also a major player in the “Top U.S. Hotels” category, when Inn of Five Graces was named the #1, “Hotel in the U.S. and Southwest,” which generated additional exposure. Although a smaller return of coverage than in previous years, notable coverage results still came from the distribution of the Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards news. The news was picked up by many regional and local publications such as Santa Fe New Mexican and AZ Central. The lists also appear in the November 2020 print version of the magazine.

TOURISM Santa Fe was able to moderately resume hosting media this month, which we expect to impact editorial opportunities in the coming months. The team assisted five visiting journalists.

While both the media impressions and media value remain lower than previous years, many outlets are still struggling to return to normal operations. The strict quarantine and travel restrictions in place for the state are also making it very difficult for pitching opportunities that are focused on driving short-lead travel.

News to Use, Utilize Our Press Releases

Check in with the Current Releases section of the website for press releases that you can use, redistribute or reference.

October 2020
  • Pitches: 85 (77% increase Y/Y)
  • Press Releases: 3 (200% increase Y/Y)
  • Media Visits: 5 (44% decrease Y/Y)
  • Media Contacts: 185 (16% increase Y/Y)
  • Earned Media: $427,250 (74% decrease Y/Y)
  • Total Impressions: 21,453,387 (80% decrease Y/Y)

Year to Date 2020
  • Pitches: 917 (51% increase Y/Y)
  • Press Releases: 9 (18% decrease Y/Y)
  • Media Visits: 32 (56% decrease Y/Y)
  • Media Contacts: 2,127 (32% increase Y/Y)
  • Earned Media: $13,049,247 (13% decrease Y/Y)
  • Total Impressions: 788,016,845 (48% decrease Y/Y)

No new accolades

Tourism Santa Fe hosted the following media in October:
  • Business Insider, Michelle Gross – October 3-5
  • BCC & Minneapolis Star Tribune, Raphael Kudushin – October 6-9
  • Freelance, Chadner Navarro – October 8-11
  • Freelance, Gowri Chandra – October 17
  • Travel + Leisure, Nina Ruggiero – October 21-24

Print, Online, & Broadcast


As a result of hosting Brittany Anas and continued communication with the journalist, Santa Fe was included in Livability’s 2020 Top 100 Best Places to Live .

As a result of submitting Santa Fe for Aly Walansky’s lead on destinations that feel like a European experience, Santa Fe was included in the article that went live on October 11.

As a result of distributing the Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Award Press Release, the below publications promoted the news –
As a result of hosting Livia Hooson in February 2020, she published an article to Iconic Life Magazine titled “ The Most Striking, Architectural Opera Houses Around The World .”

Nicole Wiltrout of Ciao Bambino produced an article titled, “ Best Family Ski Resorts in the U.S. for Year-Round Fun .”

As a result of providing images to Debbie Stone, coverage has been produced in Luxe Beat Magazine titled, “ Discover The Ancient Practice of Labyrinths .”

As a result of hosting Neil Wolkodoff in September, coverage has been produced in A Luxury Travel Blog titled, “ New Mexican Dining in Santa Fe .”

As a result of hosting Neil Wolkodoff, coverage has been produced in Everett Potter’s Travel Report titled, “ The Confluence of Santa Fe .”

Newspapers (print/online)


Magazines (print/online)


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