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TOURISM Santa Fe May 2020
Marketing Report
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A Message from Executive Director
Randy Randall

Randy Randall, Executive Director

I start this month’s newsletter with hope that we will start to see some restrictions relaxed and begin to have some increase in tourism to The City Different. We are blessed to have such a strong and deep base of offerings in our destination: the best of culture, history, cuisine, architecture and outdoor activities. There is a reason people want to come to Santa Fe and return time and again to experience what they found so enchanting on their initial visit. It is true, however, that the overall experience will be lacking with the cancelation of so many annual events, including the recently announced cancellation of the entire 2020 opera season and the restrictions that will limit our visual and performing arts venues to operate properly.

It is also true that every business that relies on visitation must be creative in their approach to business operations this summer and fall if, as a whole, we are to recoup any of the economic loss we continue to face. Neighborhoods must band together to create new excitement and experiences, within the restrictions mandated by government, such as block parties, coordinated exhibit openings or coordinated “bargain” days. Restaurants can schedule wine dinners over several days to allow joint promotion. Perhaps even a “Summer Restaurant Week” to market regionally?

To the extent possible, we will match your creative offerings with our marketing efforts to help promote them within the regional drive market. We will continue to have a highlighted experience section on the website but will shift it from experiencing Santa Fe from afar to bringing people to Santa Fe for new and exciting and creative experiences offered. We cannot create these experiences for each sector of our hospitality industry; each sector must band together for the sake of the whole and create their own for us to market.

If you have an idea, let us know, let your neighbors know and bring it into being. We must act now to generate as much recovery as possible for the summer and fall seasons.

Randy Randall
Executive Director
(505) 955-6209

Submit Your Santa Fe Virtual Experience

Nominate Your Santa Fe Favorites for the Hemispheres Readers’ Choice Awards

Submit Your Santa Fe Virtual Experience

While most Americans are limited to traveling the world through their screens amid the COVID-19 pandemic, TOURISM Santa Fe has launched a new Dream Now, Visit Later landing page promoting interactive and immersive virtual experiences in Santa Fe.

Aimed at providing a variety of experiences to be enjoyed from one’s own home, activities currently on the page range from online cooking classes to virtual walkthroughs of Santa Fe’s many museums and even flamenco lessons. Also featured are various activities pertaining to wellness, history, culture, and art. Visit the Dream Now, Visit Later page to see if your experience is being featured.

We want to know more about the virtual experiences you are offeringǃ For consideration to be included on this page, please supply the following information to

Information Requested:
  1. Business Name:
  2. Business Logo:
  3. Name of Experience:
  4. Is this a live event (Y/N)? If so, date and time?
  5. Website URL (that contains information on your Virtual Experience):
  6. Description of Experience:
Your virtual experience should adhere to some, if not all, of the following criteria:
  • Business has created a landing page on your website that highlights various virtual experiences that can be enjoyed at home, any time. The page should include messaging about “virtual experience,” “online exhibition”, “live demonstration,” etc. Be sure to include any videos highlighting your business on this page.
  • Business has converted an existing offering into a live experience that can be joined via Zoom, Facebook Live or other web-based conferencing platform.
  • Virtual Tours created through Google VR, Art Steps or other 360-degree or 3D video technology.
Our hope is that this page offers inspiration for potential visitors who are starting to think about future travel plans. Be sure to share the page on your social media channels and let’s keep Santa Fe top of mind for these travelers

Nominate Your Santa Fe Favorites for the Hemispheres Readers’ Choice Awards

Once again, we need your voteǃ Please nominate your Santa Fe favorites in the first-ever Hemispheres Readers’ Choice Awards and then encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same.

The first round of voting ends June 1. Click here to get started and support Santa Fe and our local businesses with your nomination.

COVID-19 Advertising Response Plan

Santa Fe Margarita Trail In the News

Q1 2020 Marketing Results

COVID-19 Advertising Response Plan

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, TSF has shifted our advertising strategy and initiated an interim brand awareness digital campaign to remind travelers who are using this time to prepare for the eventual recovery to keep the dream of visiting Santa Fe alive, and reminding them that we will see them again soon.


Our immediate Phase 1 objective is to keep the Santa Fe brand top-of-mind. Our immediate paid media plan focuses on general brand awareness in our core drive markets of Austin, Colorado Springs, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Denver, Houston, Oklahoma City, Phoenix and Tucson with appropriate media weight and messaging acknowledging the current climate.
  1. Tactics include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Display Network, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  2. A new :15 spot:

Once the overall curve begins to flatten and it is safe to assume that we’re climbing our way out of this crisis, TSF will implement Phase 2 of our recovery efforts which is our Re-Engagement Plan. The objective being to build on top of mind awareness to capture those making their first travel plans post COVID-19. Our strategy will be focused on re-engaging our core drive markets to reestablish awareness and inspire future trip planning post-COVID-19.
  1. Tactics to include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Display Network, and SEM.
Click here to view the entire COVID-19 Phased Response Plan.

Santa Fe Margarita Trail In the News

A component of the Phase One Advertising Response Plan is a “Make Your Own Margarita Trail” social media campaign to teach people at home how to make some of our most popular margaritas and sharing the Margarita Trail recipes. Click here to view the entire playlist on the Visit Santa Fe YouTube channel.

As a result of proactively pitching the “Make Your Own Margarita Trail” virtual experience to numerous writers, the Santa Fe Margarita Trail was featured in the following publications:

Q1 2020 Marketing Results

Website [Q1 Y/Y Change]
  • Total Sessions: 276,314 [DOWN 13.3% Y/Y]
  • Unique Users: 228,125 [DOWN 12.2% Y/Y]
  • Average Pages Per Session: 2.04 [DOWN 7.1%]
  • Average Time on Site: 2:03 [DOWN 5.4%]
  • Conversion Rate: 9.2 [DOWN 13.6]
Q1 sessions and users were down Y/Y mainly due to COVID-19 related decisions and social distancing orders. Engagement metrics were down as well, except for new sessions - up 2% Y/Y. Organic search was the main traffic driver as usual. Social, direct, and paid search traffic were all up Y/Y, while email traffic fell 34%. Mobile traffic dropped to 58% of visitors, slightly down from Q4. Geo-traffic mostly fell across the board, with OR a big outlier (+214% Y/Y).

Public Relations [Q1 Y/Y Change]
  • Pitches: 380 [UP 3.8%]
  • Press Releases: 1 [DOWN 66.7%]
  • Media Visits: 27 [UP 42.1%]
  • Media Contacts: 582 [UP 11.1%]
  • Earned Media: $4,886,667 [DOWN 19.1%]
  • Earned Media Impressions: 253,767,145 [DOWN 65%]
During Q1 2020, the public relations team garnered nearly 80 pieces of editorial coverage, reaching more than 253 million impressions, with an advertising equivalency of $4,256,204.

The year kicked off on a strong note, with a major broadcast appearance on The Today Show centered around “Top Travel Destinations for 2020,” inclusion in a Forbes article for National Margarita Day and winter/ski themed coverage in several online publications.

When the COVID-19 outbreak began spreading within the United Stated in early March, many outlets ceased fresh travel coverage, and as a result the numbers are down compared to 2019 over the same period. Media outreach surrounding the “Kids Free Spring Break” promotion ceased, though not before being included in a small number of influential outlets, including Reader’s Digest, Expedia and Taking the Kids.

With city travel restrictions in place, a planned desk side media mission to Denver was cancelled. Media Visits for Q1 remained up year over year due to the large NASJA Ski FAM group. We saw three individual press visits cancel in March and as we move into Q2 the media visits for 2020 will be down in comparison to 2019 as all press travel is currently on hold.
Compared to the same time period in 2019, impressions are down approximately 65 percent. In February 2019, two syndicated stories accounted for more than 50 percent of the impressions. One of those stories appeared in CBS Local, which is no longer covering travel as extensively as in years past.

Major placements in national outlets in Q1 included:
  • Forbes (UMV: 54,655,140)
  • USA Today (UMV: 44,198,940)
  • BBC Travel (UMV:36,007,470)
Social Media [Q1 Y/Y Change)
  • Facebook Followers: 74,941 [UP 9.7% Y/Y]
  • Facebook Engagement: 144,850 [UP 24.1% Y/Y]
  • Twitter Followers: 15,212 [UP 7.1%]
  • Twitter Engagement: 4,679 [UP 62.9% Y/Y]
  • Twitter Impressions: 274,600 [UP 32.1% Y/Y]
  • Instagram Followers: 32,844 [UP 28.6% Y/Y]
  • Pinterest Website Referrals: 5,862 [UP 1,086.6%% Y/Y]
  • YouTube Subscribers: 624 [UP 18.9% Y/Y]
  • YouTube Views: 1,618,815 [UP 19,714.1% Y/Y]
A strong January and February helped carry a poor March to still maintain year over growth across all indexes. Facebook PTAT and Engagement grew 22.8% and 24.1% respectively year over year. Twitter engagement grew 62.9% Y/Y while impressions rose 32.1% Y/Y. Social Media also continues to drive more traffic to, with referrals up on Facebook 160% Y/Y, Twitter 18.5% Y/Y and Pinterest up 1086.6% year over year.

Blog [Q1 Y/Y Change]
  • Page Views: 22,611 [DOWN 54.6% Y/Y]
  • Average Time on Blog: 3:18 [UP 54.1% Y/Y]
  • Referrals to Website Percentage: 11.4% [UP 5.6 Y/Y]

  • Blog traffic is down 54.6% Y/Y, though time on site has increased by 54.1%. The Chimayo Blog was the most visited page with 1538 visits for the quarter.
Email Newsletter [Q1 Y/Y change]
  • Consumer: Happenings
    Number Sent: 148,274 [DOWN 8.6% Y/Y]
    Happenings Open Rate (Average): 16.2% [DOWN 0.7% Y/Y]

  • Consumer: Deals & Specials
    Number Sent: 76,770 [DOWN 30.1% Y/Y] Note: The March Deals & Specials newsletter was not sent due to COVID-19’s impact on travel. This reflects the number sent in January and February.

    Deals & Specials Open Rate (Average): 11.4% [DOWN 6.6 Y/Y]

  • Industry: Marketing Report
    Number Sent: 3,388 [DOWN 1.3% Y/Y]

    Marketing Report Open Rate (Average): 35.3% [DOWN 0.7 Y/Y]

  • Industry: Sales Report
    Number Sent: 793 [DOWN 38.5% Y/Y] Note: The March Sales newsletter was not sent due to COVID-19’s impact on travel. This reflects the number sent in January and February.

    Sales Report Open Rate (Average): 23.4% [DOWN 14 Y/Y]

Consumer open rates finally recovered from Q3 2019, but total opens were down Y/Y as a result of pausing consumer newsletters in early March. List sizes continued to grow, but total sends were also down for the same reason. Newsletters drove 9.5% of campaign traffic, down from 13% in Q1 2019. What’s Happening delivered 31% more traffic than Deals and Specials, down from last quarter. One-off consumer emails had slightly higher open rates as is typical.
Industry list growth and open rates were slightly down in Q1, with the large drop in Sales Report numbers driven by no Sales Report sent in March 2020.

Paid Media/Advertising [Q1 Y/Y Change]
  • Ad Spend: $190,383 [DOWN 64.5% Y/Y]
  • Ad Impressions: 19,787,485 [DOWN 59.3% Y/Y]
  • CPM: $9.62 [UP 17% Y/Y]
Key Insights

Paid Search
  • SEM continued to run throughout the quarter, with COVID-related ad copy adjustments taking place mid-March.
  • Search campaigns were clicking on all cylinders through February, with nearly 5 times the clickthrough rate compared to 2019.
  • In mid-March, our clicks, engagement, and conversions all fell sharply as expected. We continue to monitor search demand and performance and adjust our campaigns as necessary.
  • Google search continues to significantly outperform FY19 performance, driving more traffic and becoming more efficient YoY.
  • With less than half the spend in Q1 vs. 2019, Google search drove 81% more clicks. This is primarily the result of continued keyword optimizations, improved ad copy, inclusion of applicable sitelink extensions, and consistent monitoring of campaign performance in order to shift attention to the best performing strategies.
  • We also saw an increase in conversions period/period, with a 17% increase in conversion rate. This is likely due to increased interest following the holiday season, as people began searching for information around spring travel planning.
  • The New Mexico branded campaign in Google search is driving conversions.
  • After seeing strong performance so far in FY20, we shifted more budget into the New Mexico branded campaign, which was built to capture an audience interested in the region, but not specifically set on traveling to Santa Fe.
  • With just 17% more spend in this campaign in Q1, we are happy to see a 34% increase in conversions coming from this prospect audience.
  • Bing became more efficient in the quarter, and continues to deliver a high-quality audience.
  • We saw a 12% increase in clicks and consistently high quality traffic come through from Bing search in Q1, and we achieved this with 14% less spend in the platform quarter vs. quarter.
  • This uptick in clicks didn’t negate the quality of traffic brought in from the platform. We saw bounce rates decrease and the site traffic from Bing stayed an average of 8% longer on the site vs. Q4.
  • We continue to see that Bing is hitting a new audience, with 74% of visitors coming through having not visited the site prior.
Paid Social
  • All social media advertisements were paused as of 3/18.
  • Facebook and Instagram campaigns became more efficient in Q1 vs. Q4.
  • Cost per LPV and cost per conversion both dropped by more than 20% in the quarter. This is due to continued audience optimizations as well as lowered CPMs following the holiday season.
  • Facebook usage continues to increase during the quarantine and CPMs are also decreasing, making this a prime opportunity to get back into the channel with the appropriate message for our Phase 1 re-launch.
  • Pinterest advertising is gaining steam, with over 1,000 pin saves since the start of the campaign.
  • We were able to significantly decrease our overall cost per LPV–nearly cutting it in half–by switching our video campaign to optimize towards traffic generation.
  • Within our click-to-site campaigns, the carousel ad units continue to drive higher levels of engagement and saves compared to image ads.
  • With 460 additional pin saves during the quarter, we’re now at a total of 1,038 saves since September. These hold additional value in that they remain on people’s boards indefinitely and thus live on beyond the life of our media spend.
  • Spring Break messaging proved to be outperformed by standard campaign creative.
  • On both Facebook and Pinterest, Spring Break assets yielded lower engagement and higher costs than the standard campaign.
  • The exception was the remarketing campaign on Facebook. It had high marks in traffic (1.7% CTR) and conversion (21% CVR) generation. These learnings will be leveraged in the plan for Spring Break 2021.
  • Audience and creative asset testing are part of ongoing optimizations.
  • In Facebook, our conversion lookalike audience (modeled off of website converters) is our top performer in video prospecting, so we’re now putting it to the test within our CTS campaign as well.
  • In Pinterest, we’re running a direct A/B test with carousel vs. CTS images to determine which campaign delivers more value.
Display & Video
  • All campaigns were paused between 3/13 and 3/18.
  • The Refinery 29 sweepstakes concluded in Q1 and delivered over 2.7 million impressions and 14,038 submissions dating back to late Q4.
  • These 14k+ emails can now be leveraged in future remarketing or lookalike campaigns.
  • Matador Boosted Article Posts drove over 596k impressions and averaged over 4 minutes of page time.
  • 11 Surprising Facts performed best with over 307k impressions and an average of 4:40 of page time.
  • Trade Desk clickthrough rates and bounce rates continued to improve slightly. CTR's increased from 0.07% to 0.09% and bounce rates dropped from 86% to 85%.
  • Spring Break creative stood out in Q1 with an average CTR of 0.17% indicating strong interest from drive markets.
  • GDN continues to be utilized to remarket to an interested audience and drives quality traffic to the website.
  • The engagement of GDN visitors on the website improved in Q1. There was a 7% decrease in bounce rate, a 12% increase in pages/session, and traffic from this campaign is spending 85% longer on the site period/period.
  • The best performing audience is the general site visitor remarketing pool, which drove 94% of the clicks while becoming more efficient with a 14% decrease in cost per click.
  • The Spring Break Discovery campaign reached more people while the core Discovery campaign drove more conversions.
  • The Spring Break campaign reached a wide audience, delivering 59% of total Discovery impressions at a 37% lower CPM than the core Discovery campaign.
  • However, the core campaign proved to be better at driving onsite conversions, driving nearly all of the conversions from Discovery campaigns.
  • Overall, we saw Discovery campaign traffic quadruple compared to Q4, as spring travel planning began to ramp up.
  • Our TrueView campaigns saw increased efficiency period/period.
  • Across our core, opportunity, and remarketing audiences, we saw a 23% decrease in cost per view in Q1 2020 compared to Q4 2019.
  • The remarketing campaign proved to perform best in regards to efficiency with the lowest cost per view, and the lowest CPM on TrueView.
Groups & Meetings
  • Overall traffic to the groups and meetings pages quadrupled in Q1 vs. 2019.
  • VJ-driven media drove more than 20% of sessions in the quarter
  • All VJ group activities were paused on March 12th.
  • With a strong January/February, onsite group conversions were outpacing Q4 by 43% per month.
  • The quality of website visitors had also increased as the bounce rate on meetings pages was down 14% and session duration was up 18%.
  • Search continues to be a cost-effective source highly-engaged site visitors.
  • Our cost per click dropped by 31% in the quarter and we saw a 7% conversion rate for outbound clicks to meetings partners.
  • Demand was on the rise in February, as available impressions for our search campaign were up 83% in the month compared to January and December.
  • March saw expected declines in performance as campaigns were paused during the outbreak.
  • VJ has restarted the search campaigns in April in order to monitor search volumes as a proxy for meetings demand.
  • Q1 2020 Print Placement included the following publications:
  • New Mexico Magazine
  • Galerie Magazine
  • 5280 Magazine
  • Phoenix Magazine
Misc. Digital
  • Matador Boosted Social Pro Articles
  • TX Monthly Sponsored Trip Promos
  • TX Monthly Social Posts
  • TX Monthly E-News
  • Refinery29 Custom Sweepstakes
  • NM Magazine E-News
  • 5280 Magazine Social Posts
  • 5280 Scene Event Listing
  • Springs Magazine Social Post
Click here to view the full report.

SANTAFE.ORG How It's Performing screenshot

April 2020 Performance Metrics

  • Total Sessions 57,282 (41.5% decrease Y/Y)
  • Unique Users 48,336 (36.9% decrease Y/Y)
  • Pages per Session 1.65 (24.0% decrease Y/Y)
  • Average Time on Site 1:15 (41.2% decrease Y/Y)
  • Conversion Rate 5.41% (80.6% decrease Y/Y)

Visitor Gender
  • 63.4% Female (9.6% increase Y/Y)
  • 36.6% Male (13.1% decrease Y/Y)

Visitor Age
  • 6.2% 18 - 24 (28.8% increase Y/Y)
  • 15.0% 25 - 34 (28.6% decrease Y/Y)
  • 13.3% 35 - 44 (19.1% decrease Y/Y)
  • 16.9% 45 - 54 (7.6% increase Y/Y)
  • 23.2% 55 - 64 (10.9% increase Y/Y)
  • 25.5% 65+ (20.2% increase Y/Y)


  • Santa Fe Happenings
    • Not sent in April
  • TOURISM Santa Fe Marketing Report
    • Sent: 04/08/2020
    • Number sent: 1,140
    • Number opened: 495
    • Open rate: 43.4%
  • Dream Now. Visit Santa Fe Later
    • Sent: 04/22/2020
    • Number sent: 60,220
    • Number opened: 8,984
    • Open rate: 14.9%
  • Santa Fe Deals and Specials
    • Not sent in April
  • TOURISM Santa Fe Sales Report
    • Not sent in April

✝Open rate is only counted for users who have images enabled in their email or if a user clicks on a link.

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After taking a tumble in March, social media numbers rebounded a bit in April. Facebook PTAT grew 63.5% M/M while engagement grew 34.4% M/M. Twitter impressions climbed 54.5% M/M and engagement grew 2.2%. Instagram growth remains steady, seeing a 1.9% M/M gain in followers. Organic impressions on Pinterest grew 9.8% M/M, while YouTube views jumped sharply as a result of paid promotions.

Don't Forget to add #SantaFeNM or #TheCityDifferent to your postsǃ

YouTube: Blog:

Join us on Facebook Facebook
Facebook screenshot

April 2020 Performance Metrics
  • Total Page Followers: 75,220 (.37% increase M/M)
  • People Talking About This (PTAT): 14457 (63.5% increase M/M)
  • Engagement: 33,639 (34.4% increase M/M)
  • Top Ranking Post: “Feeling those springtime vibes. #TheCityDifferent Photo: @leighoviatt”
    • Reactions: 5,125
    • Comments: 271
    • Reach: 37,446

Join us on Twitter Twitter
Twitter screenshot

April 2020 Performance Metrics
  • Followers: 15,275 (.41% increase M/M)
  • Monthly Impressions: 112,300 (54.5% increase M/M)
  • Engagement: 1002 (2.2% increase M/M)
  • Top Ranking Post: “We can’t wait to welcome you back to Santa Fe, but until then, we hope this offers a bit of inspiration for your next Santa Fe adventure. We’ll see you soonǃ. #TheCityDifferent”
    • Impressions: 5484
    • Retweets: 11
    • Total engagements: 181

Join us on Instagram Instagram
Instagram screenshot

April 2020 Performance Metrics
  • Followers: 32,844 (1.9% increase M/M)
  • Top Performing Post: “Feeling those springtime vibes. #TheCityDifferent | Photo: @leighoviatt”
    • Likes: 3051

Join us on Pinterest Pinterest
April 2020 Performance Metrics
  • Organic Impressions: 64,640 (9.4% increase M/M)

Read the Santa Fe blog Santa Fe Blog
April 2020 Performance Metrics
  • Total Blog Views: 4463 (12.7% decrease M/M)
  • Average Time on Blog: 3:03 minutes (12.0% decrease M/M)

April Blog Posts

No new blog posts

Top 5 Viewed Blog Posts in April

11 Surprising Facts about Santa Fe, NM
  • Posted February 13, 2020
  • Views: 826
Hiking Trails You Can Access From Santa Fe
  • Posted October 31, 2019
  • Views: 326
4 Don’t Miss Trails in Santa Fe County
  • Posted March 19, 2019
  • Views: 262
A Day Trip to Chimayo from Santa Fe
  • Posted September 1, 2015
  • Views: 191
Take a Tour of Santa Fe’s Historic Sites
  • Posted May 7, 2019
  • Views: 102

Watch us on Youtbue YouTube
April 2020 Performance Metrics
  • Subscribers: 650 (4.2% increase M/M)
  • Views: 1,016,411 (106.7% increase M/M)




New Mexico Magazine
Target Market: New Mexico
Flight Dates: April 2020
Impressions: 70,000
Media Spend: $4,430

Phoenix Magazine
Target Market: Phoenix
Flight Dates: April 2020
Impressions: 80,832
Media Spend: $5,650

Texas Monthly
Target Market: Texas
Flight Dates: April 2020
Impressions: 270,746
Media Spend: $9,850


Google Display Network & Discovery Ads
Target Markets: Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma City, Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Tucson (Core)
Flight Dates: 4/13/2020 - 4/30/2020
Impressions: 822,747
Media Spend: $2,388.16

The Trade Desk
Standard Display & Remarketing
Target Market: Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma City, Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Tucson (Core)
Flight Dates: 4/13/2020-4/30/2020
Impressions: 2,656,902
Media Spend: $4,241

The Trade Desk

Target Market: Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma City, Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Tucson (Core)
Flight Dates: 4/13/2020-4/30/2020
Impressions: 378,543
Media Spend: $10,614

YouTube TrueView
Target Markets: Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma City, Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Tucson (Core)
Flight Dates: 4/13/2020 - 4/30/2020
Impressions: 1,562,316
Media Spend: $9,158.41
Links to Video: We'll See You Soon

Facebook & Instagram
Image Ads
Target Markets: Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma City, Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Tucson (Core)
Flight Dates: 4/13/2020 - 4/30/2020
Impressions: 604,324
Media Spend: $2,478.53

Video Ads
Target Markets: Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma City, Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Tucson (Core)
Flight Dates: 4/13/2020 - 4/30/2020
Impressions: 444,547
Media Spend: $3,067.29

Image Ads
Target Markets: Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma City, Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Tucson (Core)
Flight Dates: 4/13/2020 - 4/30/2020
Impressions: 139,621
Media Spend: $872.88

Video Ads
Target Markets: Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma City, Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Tucson (Core)
Flight Dates: 4/13/2020 - 4/30/2020
Impressions: 196,449
Media Spend: $1,446.36


Google Search
Target Markets: National
Flight Dates: 4/1/2020 - 4/30/2020
Impressions: 115,980
Media Spend: $8,992.23

Bing Search
Target Markets: National
Flight Dates: 4/1/2020 - 4/30/2020
Impressions: 36,402
Media Spend: $1,295.27


Google Search
Target Markets: National
Flight Dates: 4/8/2020 - 4/30/2020
Impressions: 896
Media Spend: $297.56

Even with the expected impact of COVID-19, the month of April 2020 saw many coverage opportunities and yielded increased results in comparison to April 2019. Through virtual experience and “feel good” news outreach, the PR team was able to secure coverage in outlets such as The New York Times, Forbes, Thrillist and Frommer’s, among others.

Traditional tactics including media visits and deskside visits continue to be on hold during this period. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic closures, pitching efforts continue to revolve around virtual experiences and creative ways to keep the destination top of mind, as we continue to await travel restrictions being lifted.

News to Use, Utilize Our Press Releases

Check in with the Current Releases section of the website for press releases that you can use, redistribute or reference.

April 2020
  • Pitches: 64 (167% increase Y/Y)
  • Press Releases: 2 (200% increase Y/Y)
  • Media Visits: 0 (100% decrease Y/Y)
  • Media Contacts: 221 (52% increase Y/Y)
  • Earned Media: $1,731,325 (91% increase Y/Y)
  • Total Impressions: 164,052,695 (1,168% decrease Y/Y)

Year to Date 2020
  • Pitches: 444 (14% increase Y/Y)
  • Press Releases: 3 (no change Y/Y)
  • Media Visits: 26 (24% increase Y/Y)
  • Media Contacts: 803 (20% increase Y/Y)
  • Earned Media: $6,617,992 (5% decrease Y/Y)
  • Total Impressions: 417,819,840 (43% decrease Y/Y)

No new accolades

Due to the travel restrictions in place regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, media visits are on hold until conditions improve.

Print, Online, & Broadcast


As a result of ongoing relationship with writer, Ashley Biggers, she included Kakawa Chocolate House and Cacao Santa Fe in an article published to USA Today 10Best entitled, “Indulge in New Mexico’s centuries-old chocolate customs.”

As a result of liaising with Jason Cochran of Fodor’s Travel, the publication has included the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in an article on museums you can see in your pajamas.

As a result of the 2019 partnership with Samantha Brown, TravelPulse included Santa Fe in an article on a new initiative Samantha Brown Media implemented that allows students to use interactive study guides for children to accompany her episodes of “Places to Love.”

As a result of passing along images of Ten Thousand Waves and previously hosting, Britany Anas produced coverage in Motorcoach Living featuring Ten Thousand Waves. The piece is entitled, “Six Spas Worth The Stop On Your Next Road Trip.”

As a result of our media outreach efforts to Jason Cochran of Frommer’s surrounding his article on cocktails individuals can make at home, he has included La Posada’s Juliarita Margarita in an article entitled, “Delicious Cocktail Recipes from Cool Hotel Bars—Taste Vacation at Homeǃ”

As a result of hosting Matt Meltzer, he has included Santa Fe in a Thrillist article around America’s Least-Visited States. The piece is entitled, “Why America’s Least-Visited States Deserve a Spot on Your Bucket List.”

As a result of assisting Davide Micciulla with an individual visit to Santa Fe in December 2019, he has produced coverage in Magnificent World.

As a result of providing Danielle Nadler of Artistic Fuel with various story ideas and information on Santa Fe’s art scene, she has produced three articles.
As a result of a digital campaign initiated by TOURISM Santa Fe, the virtual Margarita Trail effort was mentioned in the below articles.
As a result of providing information on margarita recipes from both La Fonda on the Plaza and SantaCafé in addition to images, both cocktails were included in a piece on Trekaroo by Sharlene Earnshaw entitled, “15 of the Best (And Most Creative) Margarita Recipes.”

As a result of proactively pitching the “Make Your Own Margarita Trail” experience to writer, Brittany Anas, she published a story to Forbes entitled, “Bartenders From Santa Fe’s ‘Margarita Trail’ Reveal Their Best Recipes.” Included in the article was the Strawberry-Jalapeno Margarita from Luminaria Restaurant and Patio, The Last Margarita from La Reina, and the Margarita with Green Chile-Infused Tequila from Del Charro Saloon.

Newspapers (print/online)

As a result of proactively pitching Elaine Glusac with details on La Fonda’s First Responder Support Fund initiative, she included the program in her recent New York Times article entitled, “Buy Now, Check In Later.”

As a result of hosting, Stacey Wittig, on the IFWTWA post-conference press trip, she published an article in Flagstaff Sedona Dog centered around Santa Fe as a pet-friendly destination. The piece is entitled, “Sniffing Out Pet-Friendly Santa Fe.”

As a result of hosting Victor Block in September 2019, he produced coverage in the April issue of The Beacon Newspapers. The article is entitled, “Visiting Santa Fe, Taos’ Larger Neighbor.”

Magazines (print/online)

As a result of assisting writer, Sheryl Nance-Nash, with securing information on Sunrise Springs, she included the spa in an article in the Spring 2020 issue of Wellness Lounge entitled, “How to Heal From Heartbreak.”

As a result of assisting writer, Rachel Carter, with an assignment for Small Market Meetings, her story entitled, “Calling the Faithful” was featured in the April 2020 issue. In addition, The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi was included on the magazine cover.

As a result of providing images to journalist, Skye Sherman, she included Sunrise Springs Spa Resort in an article published in the May 2020 issue of Health Magazine entitled, “Fitness on the Fly.”

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