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TOURISM Santa Fe February 2018
Marketing Report
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A Message from Executive Director
Randy Randall

Randy Randall, Executive Director

If you have not been to lately, please take a look and see the updated appearance of the website. Wherever possible, words have been replaced by pictures and improved access to the depth of information is offered visually on the home page. To complement the enhancements on the home page we are working on the business listing section and need your help. We need you to log in and review how your listing appears in the new format. To improve business listings we have provided the capability for larger photos. You will need a new photo of a larger size to work with the new style. Another important thing is to review how you describe your business in your free listing to set it apart from the rest.

A few months ago I suggested to all our partners that today’s visitor to Santa Fe is looking for an experience – more than just the opportunity to shop for retail and art or dine in one of our incredible restaurants. This fact has been confirmed over and over and I encourage you once again to take a look at what you offer and communicate to our visitors. How can you incorporate an experience vs. simply a basic service? Be sure to communicate this experience in your listing on - answer the question: Why should the visitor reach out to you and what will they find that is compelling to do business?

Business is tough, especially this time of the year, and every business that relies on tourism needs to be constantly looking at its business model, evaluating how it can re-invent itself and strengthens its message to maximize the advantage of today’s technology and exceed visitor expectations. The good news is we have seen record numbers of visitors coming to Santa Fe and we expect this to continue as we move into the calendar year. Thank you for supporting the enhancements to if you have questions or need help, please contact Phyllis Ortiz at 505-955-6214 or at

Randy Randall
Executive Director
(505) 955-6209

Required updates to your Business Listing on

Last chance to vote for Santa Fe in the T+L World’s Best Awards

Be featured on the Kids Free Spring Break flyer

NMTD FY19 Cooperative Marketing Grant Cycle update

Required updates to your Business Listing on

Have you noticed the new look of your business listing on We’ve moved to a new card-based layout featuring a larger image for your businessǃ

To make the most of these exciting changes and new look, each business partner is required to update your listing to meet the requirements of the new layout. Updates must be made by Wednesday, February 28. If your listing is not updated by the deadline, the listing will be disabled and archived from the site until the updates are made.

To get started, login to your account and from your dashboard, click on the button that says, “Edit Listing.” Please review each section carefully, in particular the sections listed below, and click “Modify Listing.”

  • Business Photo: We have increased the size of the business listing image. You must upload a new, horizontal image in order for your listing to be validated.

  • Business Description: We have implemented a character limit on the Business Description. You may notice that part of your Business Description has been cut off. Review and edit to fit within the character limits.

  • Street Address: Your Street Address, City, State, Zip and Location have not been carried over. Be sure to add this information. Also, remember to plot your location in the GeoMapping section if you want your business to have map page.

If you need help logging in or have questions about your listing, please contact Phyllis Ortiz-Hilborn at or 505-955-6214.

Last chance to vote for Santa Fe in the T+L World’s Best Awards

VOTING for Santa Fe is good for everyoneǃ There’s less than one month left to vote for Santa Fe in the Travel + Leisure 2018 World’s Best Awardsǃ Voting ends on March 5. Click here to get started. Be sure to also share with your employees, friends and family. Let’s get out the vote for Santa Fe.

Here are a few pointers for voting. Login using your existing account or set up a new account. When prompted to answer questions about your travels over the last 3 years, select United States as the Region, New Mexico as the State, and Cities in the Categories section. From there you will be able to select Santa Fe. Be sure to rank Santa Fe “excellent” in all categories.

Be featured on the Kids Free Spring Break flyer

TOURISM Santa Fe is creating a 2018 Kids Free Spring Break flyer to distribute at our Visitor Information Centers. The flyer will include a list of all the special offers that have been added to the landing page. Add your offers by Friday, February 16 to be included on the flyer.

This is another free opportunity to get in front of the thousands of travelers who visit the Visitor Centers each month.

It’s not too late to add your offersǃ Login now to your business partner account on and from your dashboard, click on the blue button that says “Add your Spring Break Offers.”

NMTD FY19 Cooperative Marketing Grant Cycle update

New Mexico Tourism Department is conducting a webinar on Thursday, March 1 from 10:00 – 11:30 am MT for anyone interested in learning more about their Cooperative Marketing Grant Cycle for FY19. The webinar is mandatory for any eligible entity intending to submit an application. Click HERE to register.

Applications for award use between July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019 must be submitted by April 9, 2018. Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:

(Note applicants who work with an advertising agency must have an entity AND ad agency representative in attendance.)

World Food Travel Association honors Santa Fe

2018 Travel Industry Marketing & PR Resources

TSF Business Partner Meetings

Santa Fe Margarita Trail Update

2017 Q4 and Year-End Marketing Report results

World Food Travel Association honors Santa Fe

Santa Fe was named the Runner-Up in “Best Food/Beverage Destination Experience” category in the 2018 FoodTrekking Awards, an annual competition driven by The World Food Travel Association. The City Different was one of only two cities worldwide recognized in the “Best Food/Beverage Destination Experience” category.

2018 Travel Industry Marketing & PR Resources

Lou Hammond Group, TOURISM Santa Fe’s public relations consultant, has provided three important resource documents to support your marketing and PR strategies for 2018. We look forward to collaborating to further your public relations and marketing goalsǃ The documents can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. Documents include:

  • 2018 Travel Industry Meetings, Conferences & Happenings: More than 100 important travel industry meetings for 2018. These meetings represent forums for reaching key audiences and obtaining speaker engagements that will position you as a leader. The resource also includes more than 240 annual monthly “Happenings” primarily related to causes or awareness that can generate ideas for pitching related stories.
  • 2018 Awards and Surveys: A comprehensive listing of more than 70 significant hotel/tourism industry awards and 11 surveys. The listing includes contact information, award criteria, requirements and submission deadlines. The survey information outlines the sponsor, frequency, type, methodology and results. Awards=Pressǃ
  • 2018 Calendar of Holidays: All major North American holidays with corresponding editorial deadlines. Please remember to have any related information on programs or packages ready for distribution six months in advance for long-leads and at least four weeks for short leads.

TSF Business Partner Meetings

TOURISM Santa Fe officials met with the following partners/organizations in January:

  • Inn of the Five Graces
  • Santa Fe Railyard
  • Southwest Planning & Marketing
  • Greater Santa Fe Restaurant Association
  • International Folk Art Market
  • Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi
  • Heritage Hotels
  • Santa Fe Tour Groups
  • New Mexico Magazine
  • La Fonda
  • Santa Fe Spirits

TSF representatives conducted press desk sides in Phoenix from January 10-12, 2018 and met with the following publications:

  • David Brown (Freelance) Western Art and Architecture, Highline Autos, The Entertainerǃ Magazine
  • Kara Morrison, Editor, Raising Arizona Kids Magazine
  • Wes Bolyard (Freelance) Arizona Fairways Magazine
  • Jill Schildhouse (Freelance) Oxygen, Phoenix Home & Garden,
  • Lynn O’Rourke Hayes, Owner/Editor,
  • Jackie Dishner (Freelance) Saturday Evening Post, Phoenix Magazine, Phoenix Home & Garden
  • Teresa Bitler (Freelance) AAA Publications, Sherman’s Travel,
  • Kevin Wierzbicki (Freelance),
  • Colleen Lanin, Founder/Editor,

Santa Fe Margarita Trail Update

MARGARITA TRAIL APP IS ALMOST HEREǃ The new Santa Fe Margarita Trail App will be launched on February 22nd which happens to be National Margarita Dayǃ It will encompass all the great benefits of the printed Passport book, but now on your smart phone. Users will be able to map the nearest discounted margarita, keep track of which margaritas they still need to taste or see how close they are to winning their next reward. The app will also include the margarita recipes, restaurant information and the opportunity to rate their favorite margarita.

Over 2,430 Passports have been sold and 2,368 t-shirts have been awarded to Passport holders who have tasted at least 5 of the margaritas on the trail. Nearly 130 signed copies of The Great Margarita Book have been claimed by participants tasting more than 20 of the margaritas and there has been 72 lucky people who have completed all 31 stops on the Margarita Trailǃ This earn them the official Margarita Trail Bartender Kit and all this success just since the launch of the program in May of 2016.

Need more Margarita Trail Passports? Click Here for the order form and instructions. If you need replacement Passport stamps, we can provide those too—at no charge. Call or e-mail Ryan Dodge at or 505-955-6232 to order more.

2017 Q4 and Year-End Marketing Report results

Website [EOY Y/Y change]

  • Total Sessions: 1,301,526 [DOWN 0.3%]
  • Unique Users: 1,079,532 [UP 2.9%]
  • Average Pages Per Session: 2.20 [DOWN 7.2%]
  • Average Time on Site: 2:12 [DOWN 13.5%]
  • Conversion Rate: 9.9% [DOWN 1.9]

Traffic was up 8% from Q4 2016 and down about 2% from Q3 2017. End of year traffic remained flat with a slight 0.3% decrease. Q4 demographics headed back to the baseline which has trended older and female. This may be attributed to the decrease in advertising-driven traffic which tends to attract a more diverse audience. Conversion rates were effectively flat vs. Q4 2016, but down 16% EOY as the current site flow funnels visitors mainly to one conversion goal (i.e. Accommodations). The City Different remains the most visited landing page on the site due to ongoing advertising efforts.

Public Relations [EOY Y/Y change]
  • Pitches: 526 [UP 15.1%]
  • Press Releases: 23 [DOWN 45.2%]
  • Media Visits: 89 [UP 17.1%]
  • Media Contacts: 1,740 [UP 2.2%]
  • Earned Media: 36,190,823 [DOWN 8.6%]
  • Earned Media Impressions: 3,235,619,228 [DOWN 24%]

In Q4, Santa Fe was recognized by several outlets as one of the top destinations to celebrate the holiday season – starting with fall foliage and Thanksgiving running through New Year’s Eve. Nineteen placements, with a total reach of 176 million and an ad value of $3 million+ were directly related to major holidays and seasonal themes within the quarter. Four of the 19 placements represented 75 percent of the total holiday coverage. Major placements included:

  • Two USA Today articles (valued at $635,837 per placement)
  • Wall Street Journal (valued at $395,758)
  • Food Network Magazine (valued at $594,840)

The placement in Food Network Magazine, was a story that the TSF team worked on for more than a year, having hosted the editor in December 2016, and continuing to assist with fact checking this fall. The result was a 6-page feature in print, valued at nearly $600,000.

TOURISM Santa Fe hosted a group press trip, November 15-19, with a theme of “Only in Santa Fe.” The trip included 6 journalists representing major national outlets including Thrillist and Budget Travel, as well as regional publications like Albany Times-Union and AAA.

For the calendar year, TOURISM Santa Fe’s advertising equivalency from PR efforts was down 12% compared to 2016, however was still a 34% increase over 2015. 2016 represented the highest year of advertising equivalency for LHG and TOURISM Santa Fe with a 42% increase over 2015. In 2016 the destination saw new product offerings including Meow Wolf and the Santa Fe Margarita Trail. The Margarita Trail campaign earned TOURISM Santa Fe a Destiny Award for PR efforts from U.S. Travel.

One of the biggest differentiators in 2017 vs. 2016 for advertising value equivalency was “Sanctuary City” coverage which, in 2016, generated $2.1 million in equivalent value. Amongst two of the other important tactical tools, TOURISM Santa Fe and LHG met its goals for both media visits (92) and pitches (506+), showing no drop-off year-over-year of these proactive efforts.

Blog [EOY Y/Y change]
  • Page views: 95,864 [UP 49.8%]
  • Average Time on Blog: 3:18 [UP 26.8%]
  • Website Referrals: 7.0% [DOWN 1.3]

Blog traffic is up 50% EOY but down 15% from Q3, mirroring overall site traffic patterns. Engagement metrics indicate visitors are staying on the blog longer and are leaving directly from it more frequently. However, referrals to the main site were 9.4% of traffic, up 35% from Q3, demonstrating the blog’s continuing improvement as a traffic driver to the main site, while capturing most of its traffic from search and social media.
  • Consumer: Happenings
  • Number Sent: 577,478 [DOWN 0.9%]
  • Happenings Open Rate: 17.3% [DOWN 0.2]

  • Consumer: Deals & Specials
  • Number Sent: 335,605 [UP 7.1%]
  • Deals & Specials Open Rate: 18.6% (DOWN 0.4)

  • Industry: Marketing Report
  • Number Sent: 13,310 [DOWN 1.7%]
  • Marketing Report Open Rate: 30.7% [DOWN 0.8]

  • Industry: Sales Report
  • Number Sent: 13,320 [DOWN 1.8%]
  • Sales Report Open Rate: 32.3% [UP 0.2]

Consumer: newsletter engagement fell slightly in Q4 with the Deals and Specials open rate decreasing slightly more than the Happenings open rate. As in previous quarters, one-off emails performed better than regular emails.

Industry: newsletter engagement fell slightly in Q4 with the Sales Report open rate decreasing slightly more than the Marketing Report open rate.

Social Media [EOY Y/Y change]
  • Facebook Followers: 62,005 [UP 12.6%]
  • Facebook Engagement: 498,844 [DOWN 31.1%]
  • Twitter Followers: 13,047 [UP 11.5%]
  • Twitter Engagement: 10,242 [DOWN 46.2%]
  • Twitter Impressions: 916,200 [DOWN 36%]
  • Instagram Followers: 19,400 [UP 32.9%]
  • Pinterest Followers: 2,400 [UP 5.7%]
  • YouTube Subscribers: 341 [UP 18%]
  • YouTube Views: 37,420 [DOWN 5.9%]
  • Tripadvisor Page Views: 467,573 [UP 135.3%]✝

Having taken a more strategic and consistent approach in posting across all social media channels, some improvement has been shown. The TSF social media calendar scheduling is still being handled Joy Rice, Marketing Manager so the Social Media Coordinator can get back on schedule. Rebranding our partner’s posts has also been utilized to improve the look of our posts. We have begun to post at optimum times through Facebook and Twitter, 2 to 3 posts a day have been scheduled in the calendar. We will stay away from late night posting. Cross promoting our social media channels to bolster followers and likes continues with Twitter mainly. Improvement regarding engagement is a focus.

✝Please note: Beginning in October 2017, TSF began a deeper evaluation of the Santa Fe TripAdvisor page in order to provide a more comprehensive look at its performance. Going forward, total page views will reflect a sum of all page views within the Tourism Santa Fe TripAdvisor section, including Attractions, Forums, Restaurants, Destination pages and the Tourism Overview page. Interaction Rate will be calculated for the Destination and Tourism Overview pages only, as these pages provide the greatest opportunity for interaction.

Visitor Guide Distribution [EOY Y/Y Change]
  • Distributed Guides: 216,251 [DOWN 5.2%]

  • Q4 2017 marked the second quarter of TSF FY18 fiscal budget; New paid media initiatives include Matador Networks articles (Native Content), Fly Santa Fe/NNMAA Winter campaign and “Santa Fe Artists in Residence” campaign
  • Total media spend in Q4 2017 was $241,882, which was 25% higher than Q3 2017 (Q/Q) and 104% higher than Q4 2016 (Y/Y), with increases due to some shifting of media (i.e. rich media & native display flight weeks) as well as the new “Artists in Residence” promotional campaign that was introduced in 2017
  • The FY18 Core digital campaign delivered 24.9M impressions in Q4, a 63% higher mark than Q3 2017 (Q/Q) and 118% higher mark than Q4 2016 (Y/Y)
  • Beginning in Q4, new “match-cut” creative imagery was used in place of the “Pillar” creative for media elements such as print, rich media display, native display; “Pillar” creative were still being used for standard display
  • Given the strategy to shift more print to the spring/summer timeframe, the only print that ran in Q4 was New Mexico Magazine which ran in each month October-December resulting in an estimated 900k impressions; the new “match-cut” creative was used for each insertion in Q4
  • The digital display campaign, which was using the “pillar” creative, is performing well at a 0.21% CTR, which is 200% above industry benchmark (0.07%) and 50% above last year’s benchmark (0.14%)
  • The mobile rich media display campaign (AdTheorent), which used a “match-cut” creative concept, concluded in Q4 and varied in performance based on the execution: mobile expandable units performed the best at a 10% engagement rate (above both industry and historical benchmarks) but the mobile interstitial unit underperformed against both benchmarks at a 2.8% engagement rate; possible explanation includes a stronger call-to-action on the unexpanded banner, but less engaging CTA on the full size unit
  • The desktop rich media campaign (Undertone), which also used the “match-cut” design, did not perform as well as last year at a 0.10% engagement rate (vs. 5.3% benchmark in FY17), and possible explanations include the difference in creative as noted above, as well as interactive execution (RM billboard vs. Pagegrabber)
  • Native display campaign (Sharethrough) performed well against industry benchmarks, but underperformed vs last year’s Fall campaign; possible explanations include the effectiveness of using the “Match-cut” banner in place of a more organic photo in the sponsored ad
  • The Artists in Residence campaign has spent nearly $21k and the banners are outperforming the industry benchmark for CTR at 0.11%; the best performing banner is the “Deer” creative
  • Despite Paid Search spend being 34% lower vs last year and impressions being 11% fewer than Q3, the CTR and CPC performance has improved both Q/Q (+17% CTR; +2% CPC), and Y/Y (+8% CTR; +24% CPC)
  • Adara Impact Analytics has reported 777 hotel bookings and 1,322 flight bookings in Q4 with an estimated $200,952 in hotel revenue generated by attributable advertising efforts in Q4.

To view the full 2017 year-end report, click here.

SANTAFE.ORG How It's Performing screenshot

January 2018 Performance Metrics

  • Total Sessions 81,065 (12.6% decrease Y/Y)
  • Unique Users 66,073 (16.47% decrease Y/Y)
  • Pages per Session 2.47 (16.63% increase Y/Y)
  • Average Time on Site 2:39 ( 24.03% increase Y/Y)
  • Conversion Rate 17.00% ( 45.67% increase Y/Y)

Visitor Gender
  • 60.88% Female
  • 39.12% Male
Visitor Age
  • 7.45% 18 - 24
  • 19.52% 25 - 34
  • 17.26% 35 - 44
  • 16.63% 45 - 54
  • 22.02% 55 - 64
  • 17.11% 65+
  • Santa Fe Happenings
    • Sent: 1/3/18
    • Number sent: 48,389
    • Number opened: 8,400
    • Open rate: 17.64%
  • TOURISM Santa Fe Marketing Report
    • Sent: 1/10/18
    • Number sent: 1,104
    • Number opened: 338
    • Open rate: 31.04%
  • Santa Fe Deals and Specials
    • Sent: 1/19/18
    • Number sent: 28,995
    • Number opened: 5,433
    • Open rate: 18.76%
  • TOURISM Santa Fe Sales Report
    • Sent: 1/25/18
    • Number sent: 1,098
    • Number opened: 352
    • Open rate: 32.15%
  • Santa Fe Spring Break: Where Kids Stay and Play for Freeǃ
    • Sent: 1/12/18
    • Number sent: 20,877
    • Number opened: 3,786
    • Open rate: 18.57%
  • Vote for Santa Fe and Winǃ
    • Sent: 1/31/18
    • Number sent: 14,906
    • Number opened: 2,892
    • Open rate: 19.44%

✝Open rate is only counted for users who have images enabled in their email or if a user clicks on a link.

Join us on Facebook See us on Flickr See us on YouTube Follow our Tweets Watch us on YouTube See us on Instagram Join us on Google Plus

Visit Santa Fe’s Facebook page saw a .7% increase in followers totaling 62,430. “People talking about this” experienced a -71% decrease over last month. This was partly due to new algorithm that was introduced by Facebook. The algorithm is being tweaked to prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people. TSF will need to enhance content so as to encourage engagement. Facebook engagement saw a 3.7% increase. The top ranking post for January was the TSF video “Santa Fe Outdoors”. Videos continue to reach in the thousands and bring in hundreds of comments and shares. Twitter saw a 2% decrease in followers bringing the total to 13,186. Monthly Twitter impressions saw a 2.7% decrease. Engagement was also down -11%. The twitter video also did very well. It received 6,120 impressions. A photo by one of our Instagram followers also took the top performing photograph honor for the month of January. Instagram followers are up by 2% bringing the total to 19,800. YouTube views shot up 30%.

Help Santa Fe increase our reach by adding #SantaFeNM or #TheCityDifferent to your posts and sharing our postsǃ

YouTube: Blog:

Join us on Facebook Facebook
Facebook screenshot

January 2018 Performance Metrics

  • Total Page Followers: 62, 439 (.7% increase M/M)
  • People Talking About This: 3,873 (-71% decrease M/M)
  • Engagement: 44,866 (3.7% increase M/M)
  • Top Ranking Post : Santa Fe Outdoors on January 25, 2018 at 4:26 pm
    • Comments: 884
    • Reach: 18,756

Join us on Twitter Twitter
Twitter screenshot

January 2018 Performance Metrics
  • Followers: 13,186 (2% increase M/M)
  • Monthly Impressions: 90,900 (-2.7% decrease M/M)
  • Engagement: 808 (-11% decrease M/M)
    • Top Ranking Post: Santa Fe is a genuine feast …on January 4, 2018 at 2:30 PM
    • Impressions: 6,120
    • Favorites: 50
    • Retweets: 3
    • Total engagements: 23

Join us on Instagram Instagram
Instagram screenshot

January 2018 Performance Metrics
  • Followers: 19,800 (2% increase M/M)
  • Top Performing Post for Instagram: Santa Fe Santa Fe Church Tower on January 23, 2018 by 13 Pieces

Join us on Pinterest Pinterest
January 2018 Performance Metrics
  • Followers: 2,407 (.3% increase M/M)

Read the Santa Fe blog Santa Fe Blog
January Blog Posts

5 Santa Fe Events to Fall in Love With in February
  • Posted January 2, 2018
  • Views: 121
Spend Spring Break in Santa Fe and the Kids Are Free
  • Posted January 9, 2018
  • Views: 55
Four Must Stop Food Spots in Santa Fe County
  • Posted January 16, 2018
  • Views: 95
A Feast for all Seasons
  • Posted January 23, 2018
  • Views: 60
Taste the Flavors of Santa Fe During Restaurant Week
  • Posted January 30, 2018
  • Views: 57
January 2018 Performance Metrics

Total Blog Views: 4,470 (39.94% decrease M/M)
Average Time on Blog: 2:47 minutes

Please share the weekly blogs on your social media channels. To share directly from the blog, simply click on the colored share buttons at the top of the page, selecting your preferred networks, and click each to post.

Watch us on Youtbue YouTube
January 2018 Performance Metrics
  • Subscribers: 349 (.2% increase M/M)
  • Views: 3,184 (30% increase M/M)



New Mexico Monthly
Target market: New Mexico
Flight dates: 1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 300,000
Digital Impressions: 17,075

Horizon Magazine
Target market: New Mexico
Flight dates: 1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 226,000


Adara: Programmatic Desktop/Mobile
Target market: Austin, Colorado Springs, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Amarillo, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York
Flight dates: 1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 734,202 Lead Generation/Sponsorship Page
Target market: people interested in traveling to Santa Fe
Flight dates: 1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 17,297
Go Travel Sites sent 310 names, emails and addresses to Santa Fe

TripAdvisor: Sponsorship/Content
Target market: Austin, Colorado Springs, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Amarillo, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York
Flight dates: 1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 265,670

Matador: Social Content/Banners
Target market: Austin, Colorado Springs, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Amarillo, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York
Flight dates: 1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 14,835

Fly Santa Fe/NNMAA

Undertone: Desktop & Mobile Display w/ Inbound RM
Target market: Phoenix/Scottsdale metro, CA markets (LAX, ONT, SBA, SAN, BUR, SNA), Northern New Mexico (Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Taos, etc.)
Flight dates: 1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 1,117,460

Adara: Desktop & Mobile Display
Target market: Phoenix/Scottsdale metro, CA markets (LAX, ONT, SBA, SAN, BUR, SNA), Northern New Mexico (Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Taos, etc.)
Flight dates: 1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 1,254,249

Artists in Residence

Amobee: Standard Display
Target markets: Austin, Colorado Springs, Denver, Phoenix, Amarillo, Lubbock, El Paso, Dallas
Flight dates: 1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 2,872,515

Kids Free Spring Break Promotion

Pandora – Streaming Audio
Target Markets: Parents in Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Colorado-Spring, El Paso, Amarillo, Lubbock, Austin
Flight Dates1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 442,986

RGM – Programmatic Display
Target Markets: Parents in Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Colorado-Spring, El Paso, Amarillo, Lubbock, Austin
Flight Dates: 1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 965,439

Varick Media – Program/PMP
Target Markets: Parents in Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, Colorado-Spring, El Paso, Amarillo, Lubbock, Austin
Flight Dates: 1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 1,298,542


Google AdWords
Target market: National (Branded), Austin, Colorado Springs, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Amarillo, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York
Flight dates: 1/1/18-1/31/18
Impressions: 102,634

We had some impactful media coverage for Santa Fe this month and saw a strong start to the year when reviewing the January 2018 earned media results. However, January 2017 was one of the best months the TOURISM Santa Fe PR team has ever had, so the year over year comparisons don’t tell the whole story. In the January “In the News” section we do have several high value clips, including two from USA Today, one from Conde Nast, one from Forbes and one from the London Telegraph. The five placements make up 55% of the total Earned media value for the month.

You will also notice that this month we sent 256 pitches to media, an increase of 333% over 2017. This year we made a strong effort to pitch the Kids FreeFest Spring Break story, which resulted in the significant increase. On January 10-12, Public Relations Manager, Joanne Hudson conducted desk side media appointments in Phoenix; meeting with nine journalists around the metro area.

News to Use, Utilize Our Press Releases

Check in with the Current Releases section of the website for press releases that you can use, redistribute or reference.

January 2018
  • Pitches: 256 (333% increase Y/Y)
  • Press Releases: 2 (50% decrease Y/Y)
  • Media Visits: 5 (64% decrease Y/Y)
  • Media Contacts: 172 (28% increase Y/Y)
  • Earned Media: $5,305,025 (46% decrease Y/Y)
  • Total Impressions: 168,341,609 (75% decrease Y/Y)

Santa Fe was recognized as the runner up for the “Best Food/Beverage Destination Experience” FoodTrekking Award by the World Food Travel Association.

Santa Fe was named “One of the Top 30 Cities to Visit in 2018” by TripAdvisor.

Dawn Darnell visited the destination on January 2.

Carrie Bell and Kristen Hansen visited on January 10-15 and stayed at Four Seasons Rancho Encantado.

Cacinda Maloney visited the destination January 11-14.

Print, Online, & Broadcast

Here is a selection of January coverage. To see more, please visit the Hot News page at the Media Center.


USA TODAY provided coverage of Santa Fe with an article entitled “The Best Museum Exhibits in the U.S. this Winter” on January 2.

Snappy Gourmet outlet provided coverage of the destination with an article entitled “12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies” on December 13, 2017.

As a result of hosting Stacey Wittig in December, London Telegraph provided coverage of Santa Fe with an article entitled “La Fonda on the Plaza” on January 4.

As a result of previously hosting travel expert Patricia Stone, Forbes featured Santa Fe in an article is entitled “The 33 Cheapest Places to Travel in 2018” on January 11.

The Forbes article was also featured on KHQ – Q6, a TV station in Spokane, WA in a morning broadcast segment on January 30.

Breakfast Television Toronto provided coverage of the destination with a broadcast segment and online article entitled “Age by Age travel with kids” on January 17.

Connect Faith provided coverage of the destination with an article entitled “What’s New in New Mexico” on January 18.

As a result of hosting Jill Fergus in the destination and ongoing relations, provided coverage of the destination with an article entitled “The 50 Best Places to Visit in the USA” on January 19.

As a result of Rachel Sutton attending the Four Seasons Press FAM, Apartment Therapy
provided coverage of the destination with an article entitled “Build a Travel Gallery Wall” on January 21.

USA Today provided coverage of the destination with an article entitled “The Season's Sweetest Hot Chocolates” on January 22. provided coverage of the destination with an online podcast entitled “Tourism Santa Fe Director of Marketing, Cynthia Delgado” on January 23.

Magazines (print/online):

Conde Nast Traveler provided coverage of the destination with an article entitled “9 U.S. Cities That Are Even Better in Winter” on January 19.

Weston Magazine Group
As a result of hosting Paula and Jordana Koffsky on the 2017 Ski Santa Fe trip, 13 outlets featured the destination in a story entitled “Santa Fe – Your Next Ski Adventure” in the Winter issue. In total this story was in 14 regional editions.

  • Westport Country Capitalist Magazine
  • Greenwich Country Capitalist Magazine
  • Rye Magazine
  • Westchester Country Capitalist Magazine
  • Long Island Capitalist Magazine
  • Weston Magazine
  • Litchfield County Country Capitalist Magazine
  • Hamptons Country Capitalist Magazine
  • TriBeCa Magazine
  • Central Park West Magazine
  • Soho NYC
  • Alpine NJ Magazine
  • New Canaan Country Capitalist Magazine
  • Upper East Side Magazine

Boston Magazine provided coverage of the destination with an article entitled “Our Favorite Thing About Winter? Skiing, Sweaters and No Damn Mosquitoes” in the January 2018 issue and online on January 16.

Fort Worth Magazine provided coverage of the destination with an article entitled “Adobes to Adobes” on December 7, 2017.

AAA New Mexico Journey provided coverage of the destination with an article entitled “Taco Town” in the January/February issue.

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