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TOURISM Santa Fe May 2016
Marketing Report
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A Message from Executive Director
Randy Randall

Randy Randall, Executive Director

The Santa Fe Margarita Trail was officially launched on Cinco de Mayo. With just a few days behind us, it has been very well received and we’ve even had our first prizewinner. Santa Fe has so many world-class historic and cultural attractions, the Margarita Trail is a bit of fun for our visitors and residents—encouragement for them to get out to more of our special restaurants to enjoy the cuisine, libations and entertainment that are such a key part of what Santa Fe offers.

The Trail also provides a strong new Santa Fe press coverage opportunity that through our public relations effort has already earned over three million dollars of earned media exposure. We must continue to strive for new ideas to keep Santa Fe a favorite destination in the media and most of all in the minds of travelers. The creation of the Trail and the likes of Meow Wolf’s House Of Eternal Return are essential additions to the depth of the art market, performing arts, culinary, retail, outdoor adventure, culture and history that make us a top ten destination in the world—in fact, top six according to 2015 Conde Nast Traveler readers.

As always, we’d like to raise Santa Fe to a new level, so be sure to vote in the 2016 Conde Nast poll and get your staff and customers to vote until we reach the top:

Randy Randall
Executive Director
(505) 955-6209

Visitor Information Study – We need your helpǃ

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Vote for Santa Fe in the Conde Nast Traveler Awards

Newly-launched Santa Fe Margarita Trail

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Visitor Information Study – We need your helpǃ

TOURISM Santa Fe is conducting a Visitor Information Study in order to improve our marketing efforts. With better data our campaigns and promotions will be more effective and we will increase visitation to Santa Fe. In order to communicate effectively with past guests and potential new customers, we must first understand why they visit Santa Fe and their travel behaviors.

To conduct the study, we need a little help for our business partners. We have an online survey for past guests to complete. We’ve even put together a Santa Fe 2 night getaway sweepstake drawing prize to entice visitors to complete the survey. If you are interested in sending the survey to your database, please contact Cynthia Delgado at Understand that we are not asking you to share your database. Thanks for your supportǃ

Order 2016 Visitor Guides and Get Ready for Summer

Cover of 2016 Santa Fe Visitor Guide

The 2016 Santa Fe Visitor Guide is a great resource for visitors and staff. Be sure you have guides available for the summer travel season. Click here to order copies for your business today.

Download Santa Fe Profile sheets

Santa Fe Profile Sheet

Santa Fe Profile sheets are great marketing tools that are available for your use. You can include them in your press kits and proposals. There are three versions for the following markets—Tours, Meetings and Leisure. Each profile sheet contains event and attraction highlights in an easy to use PDF format.

Vote for Santa Fe in the Conde Nast Traveler Awards

Voting is still open for the elite Conde Nast Traveler Readers' Choice at Please take a moment to create an account to vote. You can vote once per email registration. If you have already voted—thank youǃ Santa Fe is listed in the Cities section. There are 15 Santa Fe properties in Hotels & Resorts and Ski Santa Fe is in Ski Resorts. By voting in each category you get extra chances to win a "trip of a lifetime" to Europe.

Newly-launched Santa Fe Margarita Trail

Santa Fe Margarita Trail Logo

The newly launched Santa Fe Margarita Trail is off to a great startǃ Be sure you and your staff are prepared to answer questions about the program. The Trail features 31 amazing margaritas around Santa Fe. To get started, trail adventurers should purchase at Passport for $3 at any TOURISM Santa Fe Visitor Center or Margarita Trail participating restaurant. Click here to learn more.

Update Business Listings on

TOURISM Santa Fe has implemented a new system on allowing us to remind our business partners to update their listings if the account has been inactive for more than 6 months. Be on the lookout for these bi-annual remindersǃ Login now to add upcoming specials, events, update photos, and freshen up your descriptions. Be ready for visitors planning their upcoming Santa Fe adventures.

2016 1st Quarter Marketing Report Results

TSF Business Partner Meetings

Western Chapter of the Society of American Travel Writers

2016 1st Quarter Marketing Report Results

Website [Y/Y change]
  • Visits: 347,992 [UP 32%]
  • Unique Visits:283,874 [UP 33%]
  • Pages per Session: 2.40 [DOWN 12%]
  • Average Time on Site: 2:32 [DOWN 17%]

Blog [Y/Y change]
  • Page Views: 14,954 [UP 167%]
  • Average Time on Blog: 2:15 [UP 3%]
  • Website Referrals: 7.9% [UP 0.2]

Email Newsletters [Y/Y change]
  • Consumer: Happenings
    • Email List: 144,607 [UP 15%]
    • Happenings Open Rate: 17.8% [UP 0.2]
  • Consumer: Stay Another Day
    • Email List: 75,190 [UP 52%]
    • Open Rate: 20.1% [UP 0.9]
  • Industry: Marketing Report
    • Email List: 3,294 [UP 19%]
    • Open Rate: 31.6% [DOWN 5.0]
  • Industry: Sales Report
    • Email List: 3,304 [UP 19%]
    • Open Rate: 31.8% [DOWN 5.3]

Public Relations [Y/Y growth]
  • Pitches: 71*
  • Press Releases: 9 [DOWN 87%]
  • Media Visits: 24 [DOWN 8%]
  • Media Contacts: 430 [UP 13%]
  • Earned Media: $9,445,405 [UP 103%]

Social Media [Y/Y change]
  • Facebook followers: 48,678 [UP 32%]
  • Facebook engagement: 197,205 [UP 162%]
  • Twitter followers: 10,372 [UP 23%]
  • Instagram followers: 7,880 [UP 370%]
  • Pinterest followers: 2,056 [UP 21%)
  • YouTube subscribers: 214 [UP 48%]
  • YouTube views: 9,259 [UP 228%]
  • Trip Advisor page views: 36,302 [DOWN 37%]

Santa Fe Guide [Y/Y change]
  • Distributed guides: 101,743 [DOWN 7.1%]

Visitors [Y/Y change]
  • Visitor center visits: 23,606 [UP 53%]**

Occupancy & Room Rates [Y/Y change]
  • Occupancy Rate: 53.6% [DOWN 0.9]
  • Average Daily Rate: $105.48 [UP 3.6%]
  • Revenue per Available Room: $56.79 [UP 2.2%]

To view the full Quarterly Report, click here.

*TOURISM Santa Fe began separating pitches from press releases in Q3 of 2015. Note than Y/Y figures will normalize after 1 year.
**Includes numbers from new Plaza visitor center, resulting in large Y/Y change.

TSF Business Partner Meetings

TOURISM Santa Fe officials met with the following partners/organizations in April:
  • KSFR, Clines Corner Radio Show
  • Katie Mustard & Brent Morris (film producer)
  • Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Merchants
  • Tricia Ware, Santa Fe Gallery Association
  • Meow Wolf-Hospitality Breakfast
  • International Folk Art Alliance
  • Lodger’s Luncheon
  • PhotoSummer and The Fence
  • Rima Krisst Interview
  • Drury
  • Cowgirl BBQ
  • Los Alamos Tourism
  • Claire Schneider
  • Anasazi Restaurant
  • Chris Webster
  • Woorster Polytech Institute Intern Program
  • Stranger’s Collective
  • Hotel Chimayo, Low ‘n Slow
  • Dawn St. George Las Golindrinas
  • La Fonda Hotel
  • Nicole Tipton, Santa Fe Dining
  • Hutton Broadcasting, Cheryl Alters Jamison Radio Show
  • Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
  • Santa Fe Spirits

Western Chapter of the Society of American Travel Writers

TOURISM Santa Fe with several hotel, restaurant and other key partners hosted the 2016 annual meeting of the Western Chapter of the Society of American Travel Writers from Sunday April 24 to Wednesday April 27. A large number of familiarization activities were scheduled for the week as well as pre and post activities. There were 46 guests representing media from all over the west.

SANTAFE.ORG How It's Performing screenshot

April 2016 Performance Metrics

  • 94,030 Total Sessions (12.3% decrease Y/Y)
  • 72.3% New Sessions (5.3% decrease Y/Y)
  • 2.64 Pages per Session (5.4% increase Y/Y)
  • 2:53 Average Time on Site (5.7% increase Y/Y)
  • 248,254 Total Page Views (7.5% decrease Y/Y)
Visitor Gender
  • 61.4% Female
  • 38.6% Male
Visitor Age
  • 6.66% 18 - 24
  • 16.70% 25 - 34
  • 15.85% 35 - 44
  • 16.41% 45 - 54
  • 24.95% 55 - 64
  • 19.43% 65+
  • Santa Fe Happenings
    • Sent: April 5, 2016
    • Number sent: 48,190
    • Number opened: 8,668
    • Open rate: 18.06%
  • Show Your Love for Santa Fe
    • Sent: April 12, 2016
    • Number sent: 65,242
    • Number opened: 12,998
    • Open rate: 19.92%
  • TOURISM Santa Fe Marketing Report
    • Sent: April 13, 2016
    • Number sent: 1,118
    • Number opened: 375
    • Open rate: 34.69%
  • Santa Fe Deals and Specials
    • Sent: April 21, 2016
    • Number sent: 25,297
    • Number opened: 4,959
    • Open rate: 19.66%
  • TOURISM Santa Fe Sales Report
    • Sent: April 27, 2016
    • Number sent: 1,120
    • Number opened: 378
    • Open rate: 34.24%
*Open rate is only counted for users who have images enabled in their email or if a user clicks on a link.

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April was another great month for social media and we once again continue to see an increase in followers across our channels. The Visit Santa Fe Facebook fan base grew by 1,028 followers and Instagram gained 827 followersǃ

Our largest reach in April was a Facebook post of John Wayne Haynes, his horse Misty and dogs— reaching 151,786 Facebook users. This is our top performing post of all time.

As always, we encourage all of our business partners to follow, share, and interact with us on social mediaǃ Don't forget to add #SantaFeNM or #TheCityDifferent to your postsǃ

YouTube: Blog:

Join us on Facebook Facebook
Facebook screenshot

April 2016 Performance Metrics
  • Total Page Likes: 49,706 (2.1% increase M/M)
  • People Talking About This: 18,574
  • Engagement: 66,582
Top Ranking Post: John Wayne Haynes, Horse & Dogs - April 26, 2016 at 3:04 PM
  • Likes: 7,573
  • Shares: 1,144
  • Comments: 577
  • Reach: 151,786

Join us on Twitter Twitter
Twitter screenshot

April 2016 Performance Metrics
  • Followers: 10,507 (1.3% increase M/M)
  • Monthly Impressions: 125,200
  • Engagement: 1,676
Top Performing Post: Here’s A Sneak Peek of the NM Magazine July Issueǃ - April 4, 2016 at 2:03 PM
  • Impressions: 2,275
  • Favorites: 9
  • Retweets: 3
  • Total Engagements: 28

Join us on Instagram Instagram
Instagram screenshot

April 2016 Performance Metrics
  • Followers: 8,707 (10.5% increase M/M)
Top Performing Post, April: Palace Avenue

Join us on Pinterest Pinterest
April 2016 Performance Metrics
  • Followers: 2,089 (1.6% increase M/M)

Read the Santa Fe blog Santa Fe Blog
April Blog Posts

Discover Santa Fe in the Month of May
  • Posted April 5, 2016
  • Views: 307
Santa Fe Passion For All Things Flamenco
  • Posted April 12, 2016
  • Views: 280
Santa Fe’s Top Biking Events In May
  • Posted April 19, 2016
  • Views: 212
Make Santa Fe Memories This Memorial Day Weekendǃ
  • Posted April 26, 2016
  • Views: 277
April 2016 Performance Metrics

Total Blog Views: 3,498 (43.6% decrease M/M)
Average Time on April Blog Posts: 2:26 minutes

Watch us on Youtbue YouTube
April 2016 Performance Metrics
  • Subscribers: 219 (2.3% increase M/M)
  • Views: 2,476



Target: Drive and Fly
Flight Dates: April 1 - April 30, 2016

  • 2,602 clicks/1,168,105 impressions = .22% CTR; 1,509 visits = 58% VR
digital advertising

Target: Drive and Fly
Flight Dates: April 1 - April 30, 2016

  • 969 clicks/257,167 impressions = .38% CTR; 918 visits = 95% VR
digital advertising
  • 62 clicks/284,897 impressions = .02% CTR; 51 visits = 82% VR
digital advertising
  • 721 clicks/781,280 impressions = .09% CTR; 486 visits = 65% VR
digital advertising
  • 1,545 clicks/1,919,294 impressions = .08% CTR; 1,445 visits = 94% VR
digital advertising

Target: National
Flight Dates: April 1 - April 30, 2016

  • 287 clicks/211,387 impressions = .14% CTR
    (3rd party landing page; visit rate not calculated)
  • 426 clicks / 183,712 imp = .23% CTR; 334 visits = 78% VR

Target: National
Flight Dates: April 1 - April 30, 2016
4,147 clicks/ 423,863 impressions = .98% CTR
  • Avg position = 2.4
  • Avg CPC = $1.44

Target: National
Audience: Meeting and Incentive Trip Planners
Flight Dates: April 1 - April 30, 2016
SEM: 372 clicks/ 78,054 impressions = .48% CTR
  • Avg position = 1.8
  • Avg CPC = $6.11

April earned media numbers were low by recent standards, $527,359, and especially given last month’s all-time record. We enjoyed lots of nice coverage in great outlets, but lacked that home run ball that drives the numbers higher. By May 6 we’ve already passed the entire total for April. While media is at least as much a quality game as it is quantity, April serves as proof that even with big stories like Meow Wolf and The Santa Fe Margarita Trail, in the fickle ways of media you can always fall behind your goals and need to make new pushes and pitches every day.

We did not get many responses to our PR hot tips and a reminder that it is critical to say yes when it comes to press. Create opportunities, generate stories—give them something they have to cover.

Please share the media coverage we do get as widely as possible and make sure you have updated media kits and gorgeous high-resolution images and videos in to us. Very few partners have responded to this request from the December New Year’s Resolutions. Summer’s coming and we need your latest positioning, images, and events for the year. Thank you.

News to Use, Utilize Our Press Releases

Check in with the Current Releases section of the website for press releases that you can use, redistribute or reference.

Recent Accolades

USA Today 10 Best named Santa Fe "#8 Best College Small Town."

Conde Nast Traveler named Santa Fe one of "15 Best U.S. Cities for Vegetarians" in the Readers’ Choice Awards.

AARP named Santa Fe "#1 Top Cities For Art Lovers."

Melissa McGibbon from Outdoor Sports Guide Magazine visited Santa Fe from April 14-17.

Graeme Croser visited Santa Fe from April 21-23 to research for coverage for the Scottish Mail on Sunday.

James Hills visited Santa Fe from April 25-27 to research for coverage on Man Tripping.

Kristen Dobroth from Elevation Outdoors visited the destination from April 26-27.

Print, Online, & Broadcast

Here is a selection of April coverage. To see more, please visit the Hot News page at the Media Center.


As a result of Ray Rinaldi visiting the destination in March, Denver Post provided dedicated coverage in an article titled, “15 new things to do, see and eat in Santa Fe.”

Rinaldi also produced a dedicated feature titled, “In Meow Wolf’s house, the future of art is already on the table.”

As a result of TOURISM Santa Fe hosting Toni Dash in the destination, Boulder Locavore provided dedicated coverage in an article titled, “Discovering Santa Fe’s Margarita Trail.”

Santa Fe New Mexican posted a dedicated feature titled, “The Margarita Trail map is real, and it is spectacular.”

Albuquerque Journal featured dedicated coverage of the Santa Fe Margarita Trail in an article entitled, “Celebrating tequila, sunshine on margarita trail.”

As a result of TOURISM Santa Fe hosting Caramie Petrowsky in the destination in March, Vail Daily provided dedicated coverage in an article titled, “Road Trip to Santa Fe.”

Dallas Morning News posted an article titled, “Where Texpats hang out in Santa Fe.”


As a result of Christopher Hall visiting the destination, AARP Travel Blog ranked Santa Fe first in a round-up entitled, “10 Top U.S. Cities for Art Lovers.”

As a result of TOURISM Santa Fe hosting Christine Wei in April 2015, Shermans Travel included Santa Fe in an article titled, “How to Experience Albuquerque & Santa Fe in One Trip (Part II).”

Gogobot featured a Q&A with Randy Randall.

As a result of Janice Nieder visiting the destination, Examiner provided dedicated coverage in a piece titled, “7 hot tips for exploring Santa Fe in style.”

As a result of TOURISM Santa Fe hosting Anshula Varna in the destination, Passport to Eden posted three dedicated articles covering Santa Fe and its partners.

As a result of TOURISM Santa Fe hosting Arlene Stacey during the March 2015 press trip, Zoomer Magazine provided dedicated coverage of Santa Fe in an article titled, “Country & Western.” Coverage ran in print and online.

Sunset Magazine included the Santa Fe Opera in an article titled, “Best Summer Ever.” TOURISM Santa Fe assisted with outreach.

As a result of TOURISM Santa Fe hosting Greg Garry on the February 2016 press trip, Out Traveler published dedicated coverage of Santa Fe in the May 2016 issue.

As a result of TOURISM Santa Fe hosting Jessica Fender on the March 2015 press trip, New Mexico Journey provided coverage of Santa Fe in two articles in the May/June issue.

Successful Meetings posted an article titled, “5 Questions for Tourism Santa Fe’s Randy Randall.”

The Week included the opening of Meow Wolf in a travel round-up in the April 11th issue.

National Geographic posted a Q&A titled, “George R.R. Martin Talks Santa Fe, Interactive Art and Game of Thrones.”

Vogue included chef John Sedlar and ELOISA in an article titled, “8 Easy Spring Recipes From Our Favorite Top Chefs.”

Money Magazine included Santa Fe in an article titled, “7 Best Domestic Destinations.”


KSFR Cline’s Corner conducted an interview with TOURISM Santa Fe’s John Feins on Santa Fe and what’s new including Meow Wolf’s House Of Eternal Return and the Santa Fe Margarita Trail.

KVSF 101.5 conducted an interview with TOURISM Santa Fe’s Cynthia Delgado about the new Margarita Trail and summer events.

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