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Visiting Santa Fe

2017 June, What's New in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Art)

June 23, 2017: Santa Fe has long been a destination for the arts, enticing the likes of Georgia O’Keeffe, Marsden Hartley, Andrew Dasburg and George R.R. Martin throughout the years. What attracted them here continues to do the same for innovative and iconic exhibits. Earlier this year, Santa Fe announced the “Celebration of Global Arts & Culture” a city-wide initiative organized to highlight a series of global art exhibitions traveling to Santa Fe in 2017. These include 92 full-scale reproductions of masterpieces from the Museo del Prado in Madrid, and “Lines of Thought ” at the New Mexico Museum of Art.

A sampling of Santa Fe’s upcoming roster can be found below:


New Museum: Museum of Encaustic Art
Santa Fe’s Railyard District is now home to the country’s first encaustic art museum thanks to the Encaustic Art Institute, which opened the facility in March 2017. The goal of the Museum of Encaustic Art is to grow the largest, most extensive, and best represented encaustic art collection in America. The collection includes encaustic painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media and more.


Turner Carroll Gallery – American Dream (June 28 – July 24)
Santa Fe’s renowned Turner Carroll Gallery presents “American Dream” from contemporary painter Hung Liu. Her newest paintings focus on the struggle, perseverance, and ultimate transcendence of Depression-era America and are among the most artistically significant Hung Liu has created in her career.

Monroe Gallery of Photography – Tony Vaccaro: From War to Beauty (June 30 – September 17)
Monroe Gallery of Photography will host a major exhibition of more than 50 photographs by Tony Vaccaro, opening with a public reception on June 30. Monroe Gallery will also sponsor a free screening of the HBO Films documentary “Under Fire: The Untold Story of Private First Class Tony Vaccaro” at CCA on Saturday, July 1, which will be followed by a Q&A with Vaccaro and moderated by former senior editor and reporter for LIFE magazine, Richard “Dick” Stolley.

Charlotte Jackson Fine Art – Power Play: A Group Exhibition (June 30 – July 26)
Bringing together work that masters both color and form, Santa Fe’s Charlotte Jackson Fine Art Gallery will host “Power Play: A Group Exhibition” to showcase all the colors of summer: bright, bold, and dramatic – with geometries to intrigue and challenge guests.

7 Arts Gallery – Adelita(July 21 – August 9)
“Adelita” was the name given to the women who followed husbands, lovers and family members to war during the uprising of the Mexican Revolution. Renowned artist and photographer Angel Wynn’s fascination with “adelitas” is beautifully expressed in the works featured in this show, which opens on July 21 at Santa Fe’s 7 Arts Gallery, located just a half block from the historic Plaza.

Axle Contemporary – Local Coloring (August 11 – September 3)
This exhibition includes dozens of drawings created to illustrate five short stories written specifically for the project. The exhibit will also feature a published coloring book with the stories and a large selection of drawings. The authors include Melody Sumner Carnahan, Jamie Figueroa, Nasario Garcia, Joe Hayes, and Lily Hoang. Artists include Erika Wanenmacher, Luke Dorman, Larry Bob Phillips, Linda Swanson, Alexandra Eldridge, Eliza Naranjo Morse, Francisco Benitez, David Leigh, Marina Eskeets, Janet Stein Romero, Jason Garcia, Joel Nakamura, and many others. The New Mexico Museum of Art will host a book-signing and readings by the authors on August 27.


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