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Visiting Santa Fe

2014, January Carlo Castaneda's Tensegrity Conference

January 21, 2014: “Finding Our Creative Spirit: Dreaming Awake” is a workshop being held in Santa Fe on March 1 & 2, 2014 based on the teachings for wellbeing and greater awareness of Yaqui seer, don Juan Matus. These teachings are now known as Carols Cataneda’s Tensegrity and were passed on from don Juan to four students – the most well-known of which was Carol Castaneda whose books chronicled his time with the Yaqui Indian seer.

The workshops will be held at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center and are open to beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. Sessions will be led by Renata Murez and Nyei Murez, students of Dr. Castaneda and Creative Co-Directors of Cleargreen Inc., the organization founded in 1995 to pass along the teachings and art of Tensegrity.

The two days of workshops involve “Movement and dance that is accessible and adaptable for all body types and abilities, individual and interactive awareness exercises in a supportive environment, music, camaraderie, self-discovery.”

Following the workshops there will be a two-day tour; on March 3 participants will visit Chaco Canyon with group Tensegrity exercises throughout the day. On March 4 participants will travel to Bandelier National Monument, again with group exercises during the day.

The Santa Fe community is invited to take part in either of the workshop days and one or both of the excursions. To register or for additional information on Tensegirty please see,

For PRESS information, contact John Ritter, 505-428-8793,

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